Homoeo Times hosts a clinical meet on skin disease

Derma 2011 at Muthamizhi Mandram
Opp to sathya studio and near  Adayar bridge

On  13th November 2011, Sunday  3-00 pm

92 A.Durgabai Deshmukh RoadChennai, R.A.Puram , Chennai 600028 

  …A meet to enrich clinical knowledge 

Homoeo Times  hosts this  special  clinical meet  on skin disease  to share and  enrich  more practical  knowledge . We  hosted many seminars, public awareness programs and free medical camps to popularise our system. Now we decided to conduct clinical meet which is open to all registered homoeopaths

 We planned to host many clinical meets on variety of topics in different places. Our team has planned to invite leading speakers and clinicians from various places in our country   to share their knowledge with you and it  would   serve as  platform for all  as a medium  of expression on their clinical experiences

Today we are  well communicated  with mobile, email ,internet and online services however  we are  relying on the expensive postal and courier services  to serve primarily  and fill the communication gap  with the existing  addresses . Therefore we appeal to all homoeopaths to subscribe our Journal and get communicated freely    for the future events

We host this clinical meet without any admission fee for the development of our system,

3-10 pm           Modern approaches to skin diseases  –       Dr.P.V.Venkataraman  M.D(hom)

3- 40 pm            Scope of Homoeopathy in Psoriasis –      Dr.P.Mukundan M.D(hom)

4-10 pm            Clinical evidences on skin ailments  –       Dr.R.Gnanasambandam M.D(hom)

Enroll your participation calling 96771 55811   or 28113300  or mail us at homoeotimes@gmail.com

Make your presence at 3 pm

Web : www.homoeotimes.com

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