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Volume 3
No. 1
January 2008
Editor : Mr. Kuldeep Jain
Chief Editor : Dr. Harleen Kaur
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by : Mr. Kuldeep Jain
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DESCRIPTION OF COVER PAGE : Homoeopathy is lot more scientific and mightier than any sort of baseless quackery.

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 An advertisement of  lectures on  HOMOEOAPTHIC PHILOSOPHY With Class room Notes  and Word Index (7th Edition)  by James Tyler Kent with  Classroom notes compiled by Dr. Harsh Nigam Distinguishing features of the book are highlighted


  • Cheers ‘N’ Tears
  • Is Homoeopathy bleeding to death – Dr. Manish Bhatia
  • Homoeopathy the system of 21st centuary – Dr. Azad Rai
  • Pressure grows against Homoeopathy in U.K. – Dr. R.N. Wahi
  • Reap Heaps
  • Study 1M
  • Q-rious Q-ueiries
  • MedicoChallenge
  • Idol Spot
  • Organon Only
  • Spill Your Beans
  • Text ‘O’ Meter
  • BuzzWord
  • HB Fun
  • FortuNews

EDITORIAL – Dr. Harleen Kaur
The real question is not that whether or not Homoeopathy works, it is ‘HOW IT WORKS’. Homoeopathy has been standing years against skepticism. The vital force (Homoeopaths) of this beautiful body (Homoeopathy) has always been stronger than the disease element (skeptics) and so it is able to fight back and establish the harmony between Homoeopathy and its believers. If the vital force gives way to disease, the disease force will be stronger. i.e., we Homoeopaths are responsible for these skepticisms rising against Homoeopathy. So we have to fight back, by not only answering ‘does it work’ but also ‘How it works?’

Section dedicated for the readers to express their opinion about the journal.

Includes letters from Dr. Yogesh D Niturkar, from Mumbai and Dr. Kalpana Baijal from kolkata, congratulating the HB team for publishing the valuable book


By  Ass. Prof. SGNDH Med College, Ludhiana

Author describes about the merits of Homoeopathic treatment.- It is fast, safe, cost effective, gentle and improves the general health. He calls upon the Homoeopathic medical colleges and senior physicians to provide better training to students. Awareness about Homoeopathy is increasing among the educated community and Govt. is also promoting Homoeopathy. As per the going Homoeopathy will emerge as the most effective method of treatment and will rise from the position of an alternative medicine to first line of treatment in most cases.

By  Dr. Manish Bhatia, Editor Hpathy.com

Writer gives some efforts occurred in the world against homoeopathy. Medicines are toxic, Medicines are placebo – lancet, Homoeopaths loot people by giving malaria  prophylactics, Stopping of homoeopathy degree courses in U.K.,  Movement for closing Homoeopathic hospitals at U.K. saying tax should not be spent for unscientific things., There is about 50% drop in cases of Homoeopaths at U.K. , As in the heaven of Homoeopathy we think we are safe, but movements against Homoeopathy has also begun in India and what happened in U.S.A can also happen in Europe and in India.

The financial and political strength of the allopathic syndicate is behind all these movements.  We Homoeopaths have together to reverse the tide or otherwise we will be swept away.

By   Dr. R.N. Wahi

He criticizes Prof. Michael Baun and David Colquhon, for writing article against British Society of Homoeopaths on conducting a symposium on A.I.D.S. He says that they must go through works of pioneers unprejudicedly before making such fallacies. He calls them as agents of pharmaceutical lobbies who are afraid of a reduction in turnover of about 38 million pounds of medicine by 2012

By Dr. Harleen Kaur

Homoeopathy + rational reasoning = The latest advent in modern medicine

Editor calls upon the Homoeopaths to get explained the modus operandi of Homoeopathic medicines as clear as functioning of heart or liver, with the help of Nano-science  and other laws in physics, in order to meet the equation. On the other hand if we continue to produce only clinical results and say Homoeopathy is not quackery we can’t alleviate the confusion caused in the mind of people by articles like those published in the Lancet..Some research works which proved Homoeopathy is not more than placebo therapy.. These experiments had methodological defects.

CCRH 1969
Research works which proved the efficacy of Homoeopathy.

  • CCRH found Apis, Bry, Rhustox are effectivein  Filariasis
  • Homoeopathic drug research institute, Lucknow found  Action of medicines beyond Avogadro number
  • Antidiabetic action ofAlloxan, Cephalandra, Pterocarpus proved
  • Cactus, Cratageus, Polygonum are effective for cardiovascular diseases
  • Indian Veternary Research Institute, U.P.on a study of 6 Cows-found  oestrus induction can be done by calc p, alet, puls, aur mur nat, sep, phos – 30 – 15 pillsxB.D.x10 days
  • Bell high dilution found to be effective in Acetyl choline induced contraction of rat’s ileum
  • Provings with C30 potency medicines.
  • Histamine diluted beyond Avogadro number are found to be effective on basophils.
  • Thermoluminence of ultrahigh dilutions of lithium chloride and sodium chloride.
  • Treatment of UTI in rats
  • Sabal Serrulata inhibits  Prostate cancer.
  • Combination of Apis 9C & Bry 9C in tretment of pain due to unwanted lactation
  • Daily Mail, U.K. 13-06-2003 – Homoeopathic treatment of allergy is effective

According to Random House Dictionary – “Fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill”
Louis Pasteur & Samuel Hahnemann were called Quacks for thinking differently

HB Collected advices from Prof.George Vithoulkas, Prof.Chathurbhuja Nayak, Dr. R.N.Wahi and Dr. Rachana k Singh

HB shares the views of Dr.P.N.Varma, and Dr.Meeta Gupta, on the hottest query of the issue – Homoeopathy vs Quackery.

Two Barium swallow images (A-P & Lateral) and a case description is given.

A 68 yr old white man with dysphagia for 2 yrs, weight loss, drinking without difficulty, sticky sensation in throat during solid food regurgitation of meal for 2 days after taking it.  No particular findings on physical examination.

Answer with explanation given in a later page Zenker Diverticulum (Pharyngo-oesophageal Diverticulum). Dysphagia, halitosis, regurgitation,  aspiration, noisy deglutition, change in voice, weight loss, normal physical findings.  Diagnosis-Barium swallow, CT, MRI. Treatment – myotomy, diverticuloplexy, endoscopic division of diverticular wall with stapling.

Homeoepathic Aspect described Dr.N.C.Chatterjee Sulph/Zn met if psoric symptoms predominate Merc sol/Syphilinum if syphilitic symptoms predominate.

An interview with Dr. P.N.Verma,M.D.(HOM). He is the scientific advisor, Wilmar Schawbe. Limited. Former director : Homeo pharmacop. Lab, Former director CCRH.

This is a new section of the book introduced in this volume. Prepared by Dr. Shraddha Pathak . The best way to strengthen your faith in your science is to talk to it’s founder routinely.

In this section, answers to the question, What is the first thing you would say, in favour of Homoeopathy, to the ones who see no difference between Homoeopathy and Quackery?, by both young and senior Homoeopaths, Including Principals and teachers of Homoeopathic medical colleges, and by HB Reps are included.

Analysis of some books of academic curriculum.

  1. Synoptic Memorizer of Materia Medica – S.K.Banerjea Vol 1 & 2
  2. BBCR – C.M. Boger
  3. Lectures on Homoeopathic philosophy – J.T.Kent
  4. Special Pathology and Diagnostic Hints with Homoeopathic Therapeutics-C.G.Raue
  5. Essentials of Practice of Medicine – Dr. B.Jana
  6. Logic of Repertories According to CCH Syllabus- Dr. JBD’ Castro.

Dr. C.K.Mohan, principal, Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College, Kulasekharam, describes about the formation of Department of Homoeopathy in Dr. M.G.R. medical University.

Seek a friend
HB Poll.



An article on meditation saying that our mind cannot do two different things together like smoking along with reading. Concentration can be achieved through meditation. By Sri. Rudrabhayananda


  • Colourful presentation
  • Focussed on most concurrent issues of Homoeopathy
  • Speak for Homoeopathy against skepticism
  • Contains articles from well known and experienced physicians.
  • Do say the limitations of Homoeopathy
  • Inspirative for Students and young Homoeopaths
  • Do consider opinions of both young and experienced Homoeopaths
  • A medical  quiz with barium swallow images and clinical presentation given which enhance the enthusaism of students to find out the answer by references.


  • Focused on a single object only
  • Medical articles are very few
  • Out of 36 pages 6 are for advertisements.

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