Homoeopathic Camp on Life Style Disorders at Delhi

Free Homoeopathic camp on Life style Disorders and Healthy  Life Style Awareness Week from 18th to 23rd Feb 2013 was held at  AKGsOVIHAMS, Om Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy and Allied Medical Sciences (Regd.) at   158, Satya Niketan ,Moti Bagh, near Nanakpura Gurdwara. 

Dr. K. K..Juneja , Hon’ble Chairman & Vice Chairman Dr.A.K.Kaushik,  Delhi Homoeopathic Board , Govt. of Delhi & Hon’ble Sh. Anil Sharma  former Dy. Mayor  attended the Camp and were apprised of the Healthy Life Style. Role of Homoeopathy, Acupuncture ,Yoga, Naturopathy &  Diet etc is very effective in treating & combating Life style disorders said  Dr.Juneja .He appreciated and congratulated Dr. Sanket and Dr. A. K. Gupta  for their sincere work in Homoeopathy sply in treating very difficult cases and carrying out research also.

Dr.Kaushik saif that OVIHAMS is doing a great job in creating awareness among masses and propagating homoeopathy in scientific manner by their evidence base case histories of patient who have been cured of their disease. Sh. Anil Sharma also underwent Homoeopathic Treatment for his ailments  He praised the efforts of Dr. Guptas for organizing such a camp where patients  apart from the Homoeopathic treatment are being given the Tips of living  a Healthy life style and preventing diseases. He said that AKGsOVIHAMS has been creating awareness and treating patients successfully with homoeopathy and propagating the allied therapies for the benefit of the Society. 

Prof. Dr. A. K. Gupta, MD(Hom.) and Founder Director OVIHAMS. Dr. Gupta said these diseases are the outcome of faulty life style which includes Faulty Diet, Undue Tension, Mental Stress / Anxiety, Lack of Exercise, Late Night , Inadequate Sleep and Indulgence in Stimulants like Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs etc. Correction of Life Style along with Homoeopathy can treat and Cure these problems. Adopting a Healthy Life Style can Prevent many diseases  and disorders also .A large number of patients  Male- 46% and Females-54% from all walks of life  attended the camp and consulted for their various diseases like Diseases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Obesity, Ulcers, Gastritis, Insomnia, Heart Problems ,Spondylitis, Anxiety, PCOD etc. The youngest patient was of  12 yrs old girl and the eldest pt. was of 73 yrs old male. In the camp 63% consulted for Homoeopathy, 18% for Yoga, 10%  for Diet and Nutrition, 7% for Acupuncture and 2% for Naturopathy. Many patients got their investigations also done during the camp.

Team of  doctors who gave their free services comprised of Prof. Dr. A. K. Gupta and Dr. Sanket Gupta for Homoeopathy, Dr. A. K. Anand for Acupuncture ,Dr. Ramesh Chandra for Yoga , Dr. B. S. Panwar for Naturopathy and Dr. Srishti Mathur & Dr.Purva  for  Diet  & Nutrtion.

Patients  also availed  20% discount on Pathological Tests .ECG, Ultarsonics and Nebulisation facilities are also available for the patients informed Dr. Sanket Gupta and also announced regular Health & Medical camps in future also as Welfare of the Patients is the sole aim of OVIHAMS which has accreditation in Limca Book of Records also.

Website- www.ovihams.com 


  1. It is great service to humanity and fraternity. Please convey my best wishes and congratulations to Dr. A.K. Gupta.

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