Homoeopathic constitutional prescription in an acute case

Dr Vineetha Sreekumar
Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College,Kanyakumari

A 2 year old baby boy was brought to the clinic by his mother on a fine evening. The mother narrated that the baby had fever since 1 day. I checked for the temperature and it was 100F. No exciting or probable causes could be elicited.

The baby was restless but at the same time active. I couldn’t observe any characteristic symptoms in the baby during fever in terms of particulars and also generals. I started enquiring more about the baby in general. The nature of the baby, his activities, his plays, his behaviors, his emotions and so on were asked for. The mother narrated that the baby is always restless, wants to do something or the other. He is really interested in playing with ball and often he makes us play. He is so restless that he sweats more especially on head after playing and also during sleep.

When playing with other kids, he use to do something to them like push or not giving his play things etc so that the other kids may start to scream or yell and he will giggle looking at us for what he did. The baby boy is really a naughty one. The mother said if he is given something which he likes most he will be so happy and use to hide it somewhere especially under the pillows. When I enquired about his sleep the mother said that he sleeps well but can’t sleep without having a music played or sung. He is very much fond of music.

This is what the case all about is. I just did simple repertorization simultaneously and came to a remedy. The mother called me on the next day morning and told the fever subsided and the baby is all fine now.

The rubrics I took for repertorization is as follows:

MIND –MUSIC – amel

MIND – HIDING – things

MIND – RESTLESSNESS – children, in



Can you guess the remedy? The remedy given was Tarentula hispanica 200 /1 dose in 10ml aqua 10gtt (stat).

From this simple case of fever, I would like to highlight on the selection of remedy in case of less characteristic symptoms during any acute attack like fever without any specific cause. In such cases we can think of constitutional prescription where we consider the individual person in total. By this kind of prescription, you will not do any harm to the patient by giving a wrong remedy and the case will not be spoiled by changing the remedy often.

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