Homoeopathic drug proving guide lines by ECH

homeopathyThe ECH Provings subcommittee aims to re-establish the understanding for the need to conduct drug provings within the homeopathic community and to attract those who are interested in provings.

The subcommittee is now pleased to present the Homeopathic Drug Provings Guidelines. They are based on the structure and contents of the Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice of the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH), and reprocessed and amended for the requirements of homeopathic drug provings.

Their aim is to lay down a framework outlining the minimum criteria which have to be covered in a protocol for a good homeopathic proving. It integrates criteria for quality control of provings with respect to the completeness of documentation (according to a defined check list) and continuing education for doctors and supervisors involved in provings.

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