Homoeopathic Management of COVID-19 A Handbook

Book review by Dr Mansoor Ali 

Recommendations for the Government, Homoeopathic Practitioners and stakeholders 

The handbook is a culmination of the knowledge gained by the authors in treating actual Covid 19 cases. This book briefly describes cases, medicines, a treatment cum research protocol that can be used for the study of the efficacy of the homoeopathic prophylaxis and treatment in various similar epidemics. 

An elaborate treatment protocol is also recommended for mild, moderate and severe clinical cases, with detailed guidance on monitoring the patients’ condition and maintaining optimum oxygen levels in the room. Based on their experience over the last few months, the authors also report success stories among patients of COVID-19 who were treated with homeopathic therapies.


Dr Amar Bodhi R, Dr Pramod K, Dr Beena Amar Bodhi, Dr Manu Varghese and Dr Ashita Raveendran

Published by : Indian Books and Periodical Syndicates. New Delhi 

Pages : 103

Price : Rs 300 

Contact author : +91 8800553570

The Homoeopathic Management of COVID-19-A Handbook prepared in the wake of the emergent situation following the spread of COVID-19, envisages to put forth the role of Homoeopathy and its practitioners in joining hands with the Government of India to combat the spread of the virus. 

It contains Homoeopathic therapeutics that can be useful for combating the progression of the disease and also briefly discusses a research protocol that can be used for study of the efficacy of Homoeopathic prophylaxis in containing the epidemic and Homoeopathic therapeutics for combating the progression of the epidemic disease.It also includes experiences gathered from the field of treating COVID-19 patients using Homoeopathic therapeutics in the form of case studies.

The authors are experts in their field—Bodhi works as an associate professor at Delhi government’s Dr B.R. Sur Homeopathic Medical College and Research Centre; Pramod and Beena are both serving as chief medical officers in the directorate of AYUSH, Delhi government; Varghese is a medical officer in Kerala’s directorate of homeopathy; and Raveendran is associate professor in NCERT, and her expertise lies in conducting and guiding research studies.

In the handbook, the authors state that homeopathy has proved useful and claimed better results in various epidemics such as cholera, spanish flu, yellow fever, scarlet fever, diptheria, typhoid, japanese encephalitis, among others. They also offer a guidance document for utlising the AYUSH staff on ground, and distribution of homeopathic medicines for preventing the disease (the doctors prescribe Arsenicum Album 30—four pills each morning on an empty stomach for five days, only up to the time of immune response from the body).  The authors categorically stated that such persons can be effectively treated through homeopathic medication and monitored regularly for advancing or worsening of symptoms.

Purchase online : https://www.ibpbooks.com/homoeopathic-management-of-covid-19-a-handbook/p/48509


  1. Seems to be a good attempt at culminating the experiences of the fraternity in one place. However, unable to order on IBPP site, min.cart value is 499. Request to make it available on flipkart/amazon, for ease of ordering. Thanks.

  2. Your claims remain unsubstantiated without referring the details of the supportive medicines that you have found or you consider them to to be effective in controlling or helping COVID control. You have not hesitated mentioning Ars.Alb because others have approved?

    • Agreed… Atleast they should give some insight on their theory or prospective. I felt this is somewhere going against Dr Hahnemann’s teaching.

      Though we as a Homeopath are happy that you have released a book on Covid19 management in Homeopathy.

      Keep it up!!!

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