Homoeopathic management of nail disorders

Homoeopathic management of nail disorders 

Dr Arun Kumar
PG Scholar
Homoeopathy University,Jaipur

Nails are horny sheath protecting the upper end of each finger and toe of humans and most other primates. Nail disorders can be dealt with homoeopathy both in acute as well as chronic cases. There can be many different approaches to select the similimum. Many medicines in homoeopathy are organ specific and hence can be thought of as per symptom similarity. It can also be selected on the basis of cause of disease, particular type of sensation felt, other associated complaints and also as prophylaxis. 


Medicines according to Cause1

Cause Medicines
From a hurt Ledum pal.
Prick with a needle under the nail Allium cepa, Bovista, Sulphur;
Hard work Rhus tox, Sepia; 
Prick near the nail Iodum;
Splinters Baryta carb., Hepar sulph., Iodum, Lachesis, Nitricum acidum, Petroleum, Silicea, Sulphur; 
Splits of the skin adhering to the nails Allium cepa, Natrum mur.


Medicines according to the Sensation2

Sensations Medicines 
Irritable feeling under finger nails, relieved by biting them Ammonium brom.
Itching-about roof of Upas tiente
Pains-Burning under Sarsarparilla
Pains, gnawing, beneath finger nails Alumina; Sarsaparilla.; Sepia
Pains, neuralgic, beneath finger nails Berberis vulgaris
Pains, neuralgic Alumina; Allium cepa; Colchicum
Pains, smarting at roots Sulphur
Pains, splinter-like, beneath toe nails Fluoric acidum
Pains, ulcerative, beneath toe nails Antimonium crudum; Graphites; Teucrium

Medicines according to Location1

Fig. Medicines according to location pastedGraphic.png


Medicines according to Pathology2

Pathology Medicines 
Atrophy Silicea
Blueness Digitalis; Oxalicum Acidum
Deformed-brittle, thickened (onchogryposis) Alumina; Anatherium; Antimonium crudum; Arsenicum album; Causticum; Dioscorea; Fluoricum acidum; Graphites; Merc. Sol.; Natrum muriaticum; Sabadilla; Secal cor..; Senecio aureus; Sepia; Silicea; Thuja.; X-ray.
Falling off Brassica napus; Butyric acid; Helleborus faetidus; Helleborus 
Hangnails Lycopodium; Natrum muriaticum; Sulphur; Upas tiente
Hypertrophy (onychauxis) Graphites
Inflammation of pulp (onychia) Arnica; Calendula; Fluoricum acidum.; Graphites; Phosphorus; Psorinum; Sarsaparilla; Silicea; Upas tiente
Inflammation, under toe nails Sabadilla
Ingrowing toe nails Causticum; Magnetis polus austral.; Nitricum acidum; Silicea; Staphysagria; Teucrium; Tetrodymite
Softening Plumbum met; Thuja
Spots, white on Alumina; Nitricum acidum
Trophic changes Radium brom
Ulceration Alumina; Garphites; Merc. Sol.; Phosphorus; Sanguinaria; Sarsaparilla; Silicea; Teucrium; Tetrodymite
Yellow color Conium maculatum


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  1. Hello Dr Arun.
    Can you please help I bitten my nails so bad there is no nail on the nail bed I cant leave them alone.
    Have bitten my nails for all my life 65yrs normally have it under control.
    Do feel under lying is stress

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