Homoeopathic remedies and their antidotes

Here is a comprehensive list of some important homeopathic medicines and their antidote remedies. One needs to pay attention to the Remedy-Relationships when it comes to Homeopathic Prescribing.

But one also has to understand that there is no set rule for utilizing these relationships in practice. With clinical experience, one understands that there are many remedies that despite sharing an antidotal relationship with each other follow well in some cases. Again individualization is the key. Further, the remedy relationship, especially the antidotes and inimical remedies should be remembered in case of sensitive patients with high susceptibility.

Here is the list–

1) Acid fluor X Silica

2) Acid nitricum X Sulphur

3) Acid phos X Staphysagria

4) Aconite X Belladona

5) Aethusa X Nux vomica

6) Allium cepa X Nux vomica

7) Aloe soc X Nux vomica, Lyco

8) Amm carb X Hepar sulph

9) Antim crud X Hepar sulph

10) Apis X Lachesis

11) Arnica X Ignatia

12) Arsenic alb X Sambucus

13) Arum tri X Bell, Puls

14) Aurum X Cuprum, Spigelia

15) Baryta carb X Zincum

16) Belladona X sabadilla, Opium

17) Bismuth X Nux vom

18) Borax X Chamomilla

19) Bryonia X Senega, Chelidonium

20) Cantharis X Apis

21) Carbo veg X Lachesis

22) Chamomilla X Colocynth

23) China X Bryonia

24) Clematis X Croton tig

25) Colchicum X Ledum pal

26) Collinsonia X Nux vom

27) Conium X Acid nitricum

28) Crot hor X Lachesis

29) Cuprum X Nux, Merc

30) Dulc X Kali carb

31) Ferrum X Hepar

32) Gels X Dig, China

33) Glon X Nux vom

34) Graphites X Nux

35) Hypericum X Cham

36) Ignatia X Cham

37) Iod X Graph

38) Kali bich X Lach

39) Kali brom X Zinc

40) Kalmia X Bell

41) Lach X Led, Acid phos, Opium

42) Lyco X Causticum

43) Mag carb X Nux, Rheum

44) Medo X Ipec

45) Mezereum X Acids (all)

46) Natrum mur X Phos

47) Nux Mos X Gels

48) Oleander X Sul

49) Petrol X Cocc

50) Plumbum X Kreos, Hyosc

51) Pod X Coloc

52) Ran bulb X Anac

53) Rheum X Cham

54) Rhod X Rhus tox

55) Staphysagria X Ambra

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