Homoeopathic Research Past, Present & Future

researchDr Harihara Iyer

Research – Past
To comment on the Researches made in the past, an in depth study of evolution and development of Homoeopathy along with the pioneers in general and the reformations and renovations made by Dr. Hahnemann since the inception of cinchona bark experiment in particular has to be carefully scrutinized and analysed.

Dr. Hahnemann claimed that Homoeopathy is a therapeutic system which is evolved through observations and experience rather than lab findings and experiments. One can perceive that Hahnemann’s conclusions were made not on speculation and intelligence, but it was woven out of an insight and philosophical vision. No intelligent brain in his time can think of anything besides material out look on diseases. But Hahnemann had a superior intuition to think of dynamical state of health and disease.

Secondly Hahnemann in the initial years of his Homoeopathic practice was using the same quantity of medicine as in the allopathic practice. Later, as he observed aggravation with that quantity of medicine, started to minimize the same.

The modification of crude drug to dilution, dilution to potentisation, potentisation to higher attenuation then to 50 millesimal, water potency and to the statement that the vital force will accept the homoeopathic medicine only if the preceding and following potencies are different, is a clear instance of Research made on the field of Homoeopathy to make the medicinal action speedy.

Human proving to drug substance for human being and his dictations on diet and regimen and various articles proves Hahnemann’s research and analytical mind.

Lastly when chronic disease treatment has curtailed by blunt edges of symptomatology alone, by twelve years of untiring study searched out the roots of obstruction, Hahnemann has shaped and sharpened the tool by introducing miasm theory.

Who else beside Hahnemann, the master, can make such dedication and conviction.

Later Dr. Boenninghausen and Dr. Kent, Dr. Richard Hughes, Dr. Hering, Dr. Allen and many others has made their own contributions by systematizing the proving records, made clinical verifications, preparation of Materia Medica and Repertory etc. This can be reckoned and recognized as a research work enabling a homoeopathic physician to make the drug selection easy. 

Research – Present
The present scenario on research in India unveils the meritorious works done by CCRH, CIRH and other Govt. organizations. Drug proving, reproving researches in effective and efficient management of cases, setting up of modalities and parameters for the same, necessity of setting up statistical data’s  are some of the works done.

But it is grace or otherwise for Homoeopathy, absolutely deviations form the principles are taking place by putting their own justifications for patent specific medicine and combination tab and mixtures, which Hahnemann objected vehmently. We have different “schools” on different outlooks on treatment but all have a goal of identifying a genuine working principle for chronic disease.

What is the reality today?
In spite of different methods of treatment parameters, a statistical and methodical study is lacking in the clinic of individual physician or in the Govt. /group institutions. Study should be done on the success rate, failure rate, visits, revisits, of patient’s aggravations, effect of first prescription, reverse order of appearance of symptoms etc.

Research – Future
Tomorrow’s era will be of challenges and threats to Homoeopathic system. This will come in the way of scepticism on the efficacy of Homoeopathic system in one hand from the same forces who opposed since Hahnemann’s time and the shattering weakness and lacunae’s we have on the other.

It is our duty to convince the common public that Homoeopathy is a therapeutic system, as a scientific or more scientific than other system, because there is calculated caliberated move with strong vigor and enthusiasm to prove otherwise. This goal can be achieved by coping with international standards of Research methodologies and publication of data’s incorporating with national and international research centres.

To rectify the pit falls before said we have to redeem ourselves with clear analysis and evaluation and a common platform on research should be set up to share novel ideas.

To conclude, the sincere and prudent endeavors to fulfill the vision of Hahnemann as said in the first and second aphorism comes under the true and faithful research.

Dr Harihara Iyer
Dr.Padiar Memorial Homeopathic Medical College.
Eranakulam. Kerala

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  1. It’s a clear scenario presented by DR.lyer.My 7 years practicing experience from pt no zero to hundred it is clear to me that permanent relief is the only key for success and totality is the key to bring permanent relief.so my opinion is that research should be done on success/faliure basis with proper evidence………….

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