Homoeopathic setup in an epidemic outburst at the time of Hahnemann

Dr Ann Marcina 

This article is to discuss about how in the times of Hahnemann, a Homoeopathic IPD was expected to be, with the medical trends of those times. It was a letter given to the officials by Hahnemann in concern of the suffering humanity.  

Key words: Epidemic diseases, 

There are many outbreaks of various epidemic diseases. Epidemics persist from the time when man came to world. The topic of discussion today is how an epidemic was expected to be handled by our Master, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and also how far we can implement it in our present life.

Hospital setup:
The house or hospital that takes care of the people affected by an epidemic should be far away from the residential area. No one should enter it without proper safety measures. Only the physicians who treat the patients should be allowed to enter. It should have a security gate with two security guards to monitor no one else enters the house into the house unnecessarily. At the gate, a sentry box made of cardboard should be maintained. Linen oil cloaks should be hanged for the purpose of physicians to use it when they enter.

The physicians should wash their hands with vinegar and warm water after seeing the patients. But nowadays it can be substituted by antiseptic solutions. The physicians have a major role in checking for epidemics in birth itself. Common people may be careless but it is the duty of a physician to care the patient with an epidemic too. The physician should wear oil cloaks on each and every visit to the patient. This in modern day it is replaced by neatly washed and disinfected aprons. The physician, when coming to the wards should check both the internal and external condition of the patient. The physician has also a duty to supervise the environment of the patient. He should advise the nurses how a patient should be taken care of. It is the sole duty of a physician to visit the patient twice a day without fail.

When an epidemic outburst occurs, both male and female nurses should be appointed. The nurses should be appointed in such a way that they have already attended patients with similar ailments. In case if a new nurse is being appointed, the nurse should be assigned to do duties at a distance from the patient, until the nurse is adapted to the miasm. There should be one nurse for every four or five patients. The nurses should always be in the house or the hospital where they are posted. They should not go out. It is the duty of the nurses to bring food and medicines from the gates to inside the hospital. No third person should enter the house or hospital in the name of food or medicine nor meet any of the nurses. The nurses should cook their own food as well as for the convalescents. They should be provided with fresh meat and vegetables. Half pound of meat should be provided to each as a daily allowance. The male attendants should get about three pints of good beer, whereas females may be provided less than that.

Every bed should be provided with linen mattresses stuffed with straw. Each mattress should be covered with a linen sheet. Beneath the linen sheet oil cloth of three feet length should be spread, where the nates and back of the patients lie. Each patient should be provided with two linen sheets. Every week one sheet should be given to wash while the patient uses the second sheet that is provided.


Hahnemann before 200 years ago itself have told about this set up a hospital for epidemic outbreaks. Now in this modern world, so many advances have in the field of medicine has occurred. So let us all think about it and help the suffering humanity and give the best care with our increased knowledge in Homoeopathy along with the medical advances too.


  1. Dudgeon R.E., The Lesser writings of Samuel Hahnemann, B. Jain Publishers, 11th impression, pg no 203-210.

Dr Ann Marcina
PGT Organon of Medicine,
Under the guidance of Dr. Jacintha Moterio
Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College, Derlakatte,Mangalore, Karnataka.

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