Homoeopathic treatment of Carbuncle – A case Report

Dr S Girish Reddy

The word meaning of the Carbuncle is “CHARCOAL”. Carbuncle is an infective gangrene of the Skin and Subcutaneous tissue. Homoeopathy provides a better response in treating Carbuncles, once such case report is presented below. After detail case taking and repertorization ARSENICUM SULPHURATUM FLAVUM (ASF) remedy was given. The patient started improving and continuous to be free from her complaints till the last follow up visit in OPD.

KEY WORDSHomoeopathy, Carbuncle, Case Report, Arsenicum Sulphuratum Flavum, Hyperhidrosis.

INTRODUCTION – Carbuncle is an infection of the hair follicle that extends into the surrounding skin and deep underlying subcutaneous tissue. They typically present as an erythematous, tender, inflamed, fluctuant nodule with multiple draining sinus tracts or pustules on the surface. Systemic symptoms are usually present and regional lymphadenopathy may occur. Staphylococcus aureus is the main causative agent. Common site of occurrence is in the area of thicker skin such as b ff the posterior nape of the nape, back and thighs. Carbuncle can start has folliculitis which if left untreated can lead to a furncle and when multiple furuncle’s are contagious, it becomes classified as Carbuncle.

A 48 years old female patient f reported to out patient department of Government Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital on 4/12/2021 with complaint of repeated ulceration on the abdominal region since 1 & ½ year (mainly left side of the abdomen). Onset was gradual and initially developed with small macular – papular to reddish hue type of eruptions. Progressed into ulcerated wound with pricking type of pain along with burning with minimal discharge (muco-purulent) at the site where she ties her petticoat knot, which is aggravated by touch and better by open air and Luke warm water application.

NEGATIVE HISTORY – There was no history of Diabetes mellites, Poor hygiene, any chronic skin condition and itching.

PAST HISTORY –Vaccinated, no surgical history, H/o repeated viral fever [last episode of fever 1yr back? cause unknown Rx Allopathy], H/o an accident 5yrs back, only minor abrasions.


Father – Died naturally

Mother – Died naturally

Siblings – 1 younger brother: Alive- Apparently healthy

Husband – Died 5 yrs, back due to Liver Cirrhosis

Children – 1 son Apparently Healthy

Patient by occupation was Anganwadi teacher, lost job due to COVID 19 pandemic, belong to middle class socio-economic group with habits of drawing and to teach and play with kids in Anganwadi.


  • Appetite: good
  • Thirst: 3-4lts/day, drinks frequently sips of water (Thirsty)
  • Desire: nothing specific
  • Aversion: nothing specific
  • Bowel habits: once/day, satisfactory
  • Bladder habits: 5-6 times/day, 2times/night
  • Sleep: Disturbed, sleeplessness, I forcefully go to sleep, when I wake up in the morning, not refreshing [sleeps only for 3-4hrs]
  • Dream: nothing specific
  • Perspiration: only on exertion [armpit region and back]
  • Thermal state: Hot patient
  • [fanning always required, prefers winter, want light weight sarees, cotton sarees]


Menarche:13 yrs. of age

MENSES: regular cycle, 3 days Flow, Bright red colour, no clots, no odour, pain only on 1st day in the lower abdominal, no IMD



1son G1 P1 L1 A0 S0


  • Mind -feels bad, why did she choose that daughter-in-law for his son, as she is not correct for him
  • Mind -want things to be neat and clean or else cannot tolerate tend to scold and criticize at things
  • Mind – anxiety about health what if she gets some DM And HTN and her ulcers become nonhealing
  • Mind -Restlessness



INSPECTION- Reddish hue ulcerated wound over left sided abdominal region with minimal discharge with tenderness around the surrounding region


After analysing the case, the characteristics mental, physical and particular generals were considered for forming the totality.

  • Mind -feels bad, why did she choose that daughter-in-law for his son, as she is not correct for him
  • Mind -want things to be neat and clean or else cannot tolerate tend to scold and criticize at things
  • Mind – anxiety about health what if she gets some DM And HTN and her ulcers become nonhealing
  • Mind -Restlessness
  • Hot patient
  • Sleeplessness with no tendency to sleep only
  • H/o repeated viral fever
  • Ulcers on abdominal region <Touch
  • Pain > aerated/open air
  • Pain > by application of Luke warm water
  • Pain-pricking type along with burning sensation

Miasmatic evaluation for the presenting symptoms was done with the help of “The Chronic disease by Dr Samuel Hahnemann” showed the predominance of Psoro-Syphilitic miasm. Considering the above symptomatology, Kent’s repertory was preferred and using Synthesis software, systemic repertorization was done.


  • Mind; Anxiety health about.
  • Mind; censorious critical.
  • Mind; conscientious about trifles
  • Mind; Remorse.
  • Mind; Restlessness.
  • Sleep; Sleeplessness sleep without

The above-mentioned rubrics were taken for repertorisation. Prescription was made with further reference from Materiamedica- Arsenicum Sulphuratum Flavum 200

This case shows effectiveness of Homoeopathic medicine in the treatment of carbuncle.

Patient consent was taken for images to be reported for this article.


  • SRB’S Manual of Surgery. 5th ed. India: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers.
  • J T kent. Repertory of the Homoeopathic materiamedica
  • Radar software: Frederik Schroyens Synthesis Repertory, Version 9.1

Dr S Girish Reddy
MD Scholar
Department of organon of medicine
Government Homoeopathic Medical college and Hospital, Bangalore-79
Email; girishreddypatil135@gmail.com

UGO Dr Vijayalakshmi M Angadi
Associate professor
Dept of Organon of Medicine
Government Homoeopathic Medical college and Hospital ,Bangalore-79

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