Homoeopaths – be aware of doses

Dr Anindita jena
We all know , Homoeopathy is “symptoms similarity” that means the symptoms of medicine

Selected must be similar to the symptoms of the diseased person but this never be called  TOTAL HOMOEOPATHY. Homoeopathy is not only selection of proper medicine but also selection of potency and its repetition.  All homoeopaths have a sound knowledge that medicine should be given in minute dose, to produce least possible excitation of vital force and also sufficient to effect necessary changes as they are similar to the disease symptoms.

According to homoeopathic law, medicine produces the symptoms which are very similar to the disease symptoms. The strong similar medicinal disease permanently extinguishes the weaker , similar natural disease; medicinal disease force gradually goes weaker due to minuteness, short period of action of medicine and then restoration of health takes place. But did we think if minutest medicine can produce a artificial  disease state then unwanted  repetition  get how much  adverse effect on our health. Here I mention over reactive action of few popular remedy:

ACONITUM NAP-   One of the deadliest  poison which is perfectly safe for any age above 3rd potency. Sensitive patient complaint of depressing  action if repeated and produces characteristic prostration of body and mind with its chemical effect.

ALOES –It is usually used as a purgative world wide at the present day but habitual use of this medicine leads to all kind of pelvic complaint. Here sulphur antidote aloes account for success.

ARNICA MONTANA- Arnica is used for bruises but when we put it externally and to rub it in the form of tincture which produces in its pathogenesis mottled spots like bruises . If arnica take internally in large doses it formed mottled bruise spots also which become yellowish due to ecchymosed from extravasations of  the smaller capillaries.

BELLIS PERENNIS- A remedy in its action follows arnica and calendula but imperfect repetition may cause sudden wet chill to heated stomach and body surface.

BUFO-abuse of bufo may cause epilepsy in young and provoke tendency to practice and even cause impotence. So that the women of Brazil are aware of  this property and administer the venom to their husband through food when they want to free themselves from their marital attention.

MERCURIUS-If it produces repeatedly without any necessity then it transforms healthy cell into decrepit, inflamed and necrotic wreeks decomposes blood and produces anaemia.

PULSATILLA-This is a leading remedy for female sexual organ but abuse of puls may cause prolapse of the uterus by weakning the ligaments.

These are very few medicine mentioned having adverse effect  when administered in large doses and repeatedly although we may find this type of effect in every homoeo remedy. These effects are measured on homoeopathic minute doses. Material doses can not show such effects but can hamper the treatment and make a simple disease more complicated and incurable

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