Homoeopathy Banchao Movement by HAMAI West Bengal

strike (2)Principal Secretary of Health & welfare department of Govt.of West Bengal , vide no.—HF/0/AYUSH/911/1A-44/2011 dt. Kolkata,the 31st December 2013 / 6th February 2014 that “AYUSH doctors may prescribe modern medicine included in National Programme except cancer” . The decision taken by ‘AYUSH’ department is not only unethical but also against the verdict of Honorable supreme court (supreme court of India, judgement 10.5.1996 CITATION-1996 AIR2111-punam verma vs ashwin patel &others ———–“Homoeopaths cannot practice allopathy ———–”.This casual decision by AYUSH will not only confuse the common people but also will protect a type of quackery to deceive the ailing.

The HMAI WB State Branch strongly protest against such attempt to procure such cross breed physicians .What the other physicians of AYUSH system is thinking we do not know but we representatives of the homoeopaths want to reiterate that this is in contravention to the provision of the homoeopathic central council act 1973. In this act there is provision for practice of homoeopathic medicine only as stated in Hahnemannian Oath.

Recently in a meeting of C.C.H held on 6th August 2013 the attempt to `include Allopathic pharmacology in B.H.M.S.course has been out rightly rejected.

In Indian health system for Modern Medicine there is Medical Council of India (MCI) governing moral,Ethical & Legal aspect of physicians.Similarly Central Council of Homoeopathy (C.C.H) for homoeopathic physicians; Ayurveda & Unani council for Ayurvedic & Unani physicians.Later Govt. Of India brought all systems of medicine except Modern Medicine under AYUSh department. 

The problem started : Ayurvedic physicians demanded permission to practice Modern Medicine &Central Govt. AYUSH department just extended the permission for homoeopaths taking no concern of homoeopathic society.

Legal complications : The students of particular discipline are taught ,trained to practice that system only & legal permission is given through respective Council to practice & prescribe medicine on that discipline only. Anything in contravention is immoral, unethical & illegal and may invite punishment according to law of the land .

Acuteness of the problem : To the attempt by AYUSH has been added the greed of some inefficient so called homoeopathists to earn money by short cut means. A movement started in Maharashtra by a section of homoeopathic students patronized by ill motivated persons to legal permission for practice of modern medicine. The Maharashtra govt. without considering  pros & cons decided on principle to permit B.H.M.S. doctors to practice  modern medicine through a pharmacology course of one year .

The latest attempt is by and order of AYUSH department in West Bengal ,as stated in the order.

Considering all the perspective the Central  Secretariat of The HMAI has sent protest letter to the Central Govt.and requested The Honorable Chief minister Govt. Of West Bengal not to implement or to with draw the order .We think that the hard earned glory through our predecessor can’t be allowed to be spoiled by the hands of some dishonest  greedy person.The HMAI West Bengal state branch has decided to protect  the right through “Homoeopathy Banchao committee”.We expect your suggestion & active participation in our protest movement.

In protest against the order published by the deptt. of AYUSH, the  Homoeopathy Banchao committee of the HMAI ,WB state branch is going to organise a CONVENTION on 25th May (Sunday),2014 at 2 pm in the Indian Science Congress Association auditorium. All the homoeopathic physician teachers,students & all dignitaries linked to Homoeopathy by heart and by profession are requested to be present in the convention.

Dr.BiplabKumar Kundu
Homoeopathy Banchao Committee
HMAI,West Bengal State Branch

Convention Venue-Indian Science Congress Association Auditorium near bride No.4 Park Circus, Kolkata .

Date-25th May,2014(Sunday)

Time-2-00 pm

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  1. if u r strong follower of homoeopathy then you should practice homoeopathy but u should leave other free 4 their dicision

  2. The move to produce allopathic doctors from Homoeopaths ,the very thought is ridicules, suicidal Allopath does not have answer to the health of the nation , if it’s so true let them register their compounders and nurses as R.M.P’S THEY can definitely do more justice to the patient than these Homoeopath ,and even thinking that these Homoeopaths after being trained ??? Would serve the villages is nothing short of fooling oneself, these people other than going to villages may even start Hospitals in urban areas, and people training them would make fast money .
    It’s high time that all our association HMAI, IIHP CCH wake up to the situation and put efforts to see that all these colleges get facility for clinical training by opening Homoeopathic Hospitals and dispensaries as per the norms and come down strongly against MONGREL SECT OF HOMOEOPATH

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