Homoeopathy becomes a popular option in the UAE – Gulf today

DUBAI: While alternative medicine is not everyone’s first choice for daily health care, it may soon become a popular option in the UAE. The demand for alternative medicine is predicted to increase due to the growing trust by people in homeopathy.

The popularity of homeopathy is growing as a form of treatment after it became a reliable option for people seeking treatment free from side effects, without overlooking the regular medicine.

“Homeopathy uses one of nature’s laws that, when used well, can be one of our most sophisticated healing strategies. The homeopathic method has its own sophisticated system which uses substances from the plant, mineral, chemical, and animal kingdoms,” said Dr Mukesh Batra, Founder Chairman of Dr Batra’s Healthcare group.

Batra successfully treated over 3,000 patients with an excellent respond rate of 93 per cent for diseases like psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatitis, acne, gastric, and respiratory disorders.

“I suffered from frequent sinus allergies and was prescribed antibiotics every few months,” said Ali Mohammed, an engineer from Syria.

“A regular form of medication didn’t seem helpful in keeping my sinus healthy, so I eventually turned to homeopathy.”

Mohammed says that homeopathic treatment settled his respiratory system and he has never needed any antibiotics.

Shireen Abdul Rahman, a mother of three children, said that her children have immunity problems and it was homeopathy that helped.

“I believe that this form of medicine tends to improve the body’s immunity,” she added.

“Homeopathy works under the law of similar that a disease is cured by a medicine that creates symptoms similar to those the patient is experiencing. In other words, using substance that causes symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in sick people,” Batra stated. [Source]

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