Homoeopathy for Traveler’s Sickness

?ARNICA MONTANA 30-  Fatigue after travelling by air or a long distance

?BAPTISIA TINC. 30-  – Shipboard fevers

?BELLADONNA 30-  Air sickness in aviators. Give as a preventive, before boarding an aero plane

?BELLIS PRENNIS 30-  A good remedy for railway travelers. And other travelers who get backache and muscular soreness on travelling . Railway spine

?BORAX 30-  Great fear of travelling in a plane, when it descends to land

?CHIA OFF. 30-  Fatigue after loss of blood and other vital fluids

?COCA 30- Many complaints of ?mountaineering are covered by this remedy. Palpitation, dyspnea, anxiety and insomnia

?COCCULUS INDICUS 30-  Nausea and vertigo from riding in a ?car, ?boat also sea sickness

?LAC DEF. 30-  Car sickness

?NITRIC ACID 30-  Marked improvement in all symptoms while riding in a ?carriage

?NUX VOMICA 30-  Problems of digestion in air travelers

?PETROLEUM 30- Ailments from riding in ?cars, ?carriages and ships

?PLATINUM MET 30- Constipation of travelers who are constantly changing food and water

?SANICULA AQUA 30-  Nausea and vomiting from riding a car

?TABACUM 30-  Sea sickness. Faint, sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach. Nausea

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  1. travel means some min level of health is required,china patient so deficient of blood supply imperceptible pulse cannot travel,arsenic fellow can only breath with head high pale waxy brights disease should avoid travel.arnica wants head low.only cocculus for those who get vertigo nausea on travel helps as it kicks up paralytic nervous system,cocculus general symptoms numb trembly hands legs tottering gait.some self styled readers who want homeopathy help refer Myron H Adams practical guide notes available free archive.in fact weak immunity persons avoid public transport may get secondary infections.

  2. Cocculus Indica is king remedy for travel sickness,Dr. DB Marrow remarks Cocculus for various bowel troubles and colics,mini plumbum charges up paralytic nervous system.old era homeopaths were very sensitive see their remarks,wearing king crown is uneasy so wear simple soft hat,sigh of husband is different from that of a lover,man is animal subject to law of natural genesis called soul,when you hire a consultant lawyer talk is not cheap.drugs make your acute symptoms disappear because body reactive force is overpowered and benumbed,advice later get disease rooted out via homoeopathy route modern doctors spell it as homeopathy shortcut in busy practice.extracted 1914 homoeorecorder.

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