Homoeopathy in Vitiligo – a case report

Dr Tarun Kumar Shankar

Vitiligo, a depigmenting skin disorder. A case of a 28year old man presented with complaints of hypo-pigmented patches over the skin since 1year.Acc.to the totality of symptoms the case was reportorized and on the basis of individualization similimum medicine was selected. The aim of the article is to demonstrate the effectiveness of homeopathy on Vitiligo.

Keywords : Vitiligo,Homoeopathy,Calc.carb.

Vitiligo, a depigmenting skin disorder, is characterized by the selective loss of melanocytes, which in turn leads to pigment dilution in the affected areas of the skin. The characteristic lesion is a totally amelanotic, nonscaly, chalky-white macule with distinct margins. Considerable recent progress has been made in our understanding of the pathogenesis of vitiligo, and it is now clearly classified as autoimmune disease, associated with genetic and en­vironmental factors together with metabolic, oxidative stress and cell detachment abnormalities.

Vitiligo is a multifactorial disorder characterized by the loss of functional melanocytes.


Chief complaint
A case of a 28year old man presented with complaints of hypo-pigmented patches over the skin since 1year.

Case history
Patient was apparently well before the complaints started. In September 2021, the family members started noticing a small hypo-pigmented patch. The onset and progress was gradual. The size of the patch gradually increased. There was no itching, no eruptions, no discharges or any history of trauma. The patient was given allopathic treatment without any marked relief.

Family history: Maternal grandmother has vitiligo.

General symptoms:The patient has a craving for egg, and has an aversion to sweets. Perspiration is profuse of the scalp while as sleep, and thermally Ambithermal.

The patient has a timid disposition as observed during case taking. He is very restless- cannot sit in one place have to keep moving from one place to another even while eating. He wants continuous attention. He is very inquisitive- wants to know about everything he sees. He loves travelling.

Mental general Physical general Characteristic particulars



Loves travelling

Craving: egg

Aversion: sweets

Perspiration: scalp while sleeping


Hypo-pigmented patch over the skin

Reportorial totality (synthesis repertory)

  1. Mind, curious
  2. Mind, restlessness
  3. Mind, timidity
  4. Mind, travelling, desire for
  5. Generals, food and drinks, egg desire
  6. Generals, food and drinks, sweets aversion
  7. Head, perspiration of scalp, sleep during
  8. Skin, discoloration, white spots

Reportorial result

  1. Calcarea carbonicum 12/7
  2. Phosphorus 10/7
  3. Calc phos. 9/6
  4. Carcinosin 8/6
  5. Lycopodium 8/6
  6. Sulphur 8/6

PrescriptionCalcarea carbonicum 200 , 1 dose every 15 days

Placebo 200/ BD for 15 days

Selection of medicine and potency: After proper repertorization and due consultation with Materia Medica Calcarea carbonicum 200 was selected. The dose was selected according to the susceptibility of the patient which remains high during an acute disease as mentioned in Organon of Medicine, 5th edition.

Conclusion:  In the above case it can be observed how the individualization in homeopathy can help treat the chronic diseases as well as acute diseases. The totality of symptoms is the only guide towards the successful recovery of the patient. Vitiligo is a common multifactorial skin disorder with a very complex pathogenesis. Although considerable progress has recently been made in our understanding of vitiligo, the cause and pathogenesis of vitiligo remain unclear.


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Dr Tarun Kumar Shankar
PG Scholar, Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy
Shri Guru Nanak Dev Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana

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