Comparison of medicine with in the rubric from Kent’s repertory

Dr Yogyata Kashyap


Case taking is an art on which the prescription was based. A proper case taking is essential for the successful process of the study of the repertory and Repertorisation. And after case taking the most difficult part is converting the symptoms of patient into the rubric form. Many of times we are not able to interpret the patient’s symptoms with the rubrics. If the conversion of symptoms or interpretation of patient symptoms may go wrong, the remedy selection and prescription will be incorrect. Through this article try to explain different rubrics of mind with comparison of medicines(High grade) given within the rubrics. The explanation of medicines collected from different source book of Materia medica.

Keywords- Repertory, Kent repertory, Mind Rubrics, Interpretation of rubrics.


  • RUNS about (see escape):

1st grade medicines -hyos, stram, verat.

2nd grade medicines- bell, calc, chin, cupr, sulph.


1st grade medicines

In hyo delirium with restlessness, jumps out of bed, tries to escape. Disease with increased cerebral activity but non inflammatory in type.

Stram– Desire to escape in delirium.

In STRAM the delirium is more furious and the mania is more acute.

In delirium, Hyoscyamus occupies a place midway between BELLADONNA and STRAMONIUM.

Verat– Aimless wandering from home. Delusion of impending misfortune.

2nd grade medicines

Belladonna– Violent delirium: tries to escape. With marked cerebral congestion.

Calceria carb– Fears she will lose her reason or that people will observe her mental


  • SELFISHNESS A concern for one’s own welfare. Everything for me not for others.


2nd grade medicines

Puls: always wants support. Likes Sympathy. Children like fuss and caresses.

Sulph: very selfish, no regard for others. He has no thought of anybody’s wishes or desires but his own. Everything that he contemplates is for the benefit of himself. This selfishness runs through the sulphur patient. There is absence of gratitude.

  • SENSITIVE, oversensitive (see offended) quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals or influences having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others feelings.


1st grade medicines

Bell– it aggravate by looking at bright shining objects. Hyperesthesia of all senses. Acuteness of all senses. Pain in head is also worse from light.

Nux-v– sensitive to all impression. Cannot bear noises, odours, light, etc.

Phos– Great susceptibility to external impression, to light, sound, odours, touch, electrical changes and thunderstorms.

  • Music, to: Acon, ambr, cham, graph, kreos, lyc, NAT-C, nat-m, nat-s, NUX-V, phos, ph-ac, sabin, Sep, tarent.

1st grade medicines

Nat-c– very sensitive to noise. Worse from music. Music is unbearable, makes her sad during Menses.

Nux-v – oversensitive to music.

2nd grade medicines

Acon: music is unbearable, makes her sad.

Ambr: Extreme nervous hypersensitiveness. Music causes weeping. Music aggravates symptoms.

Nat-m: listening to music, dwelling on ideas and fantasies.

Sabin: music is intolerable, produces nervousness, goes through bone and marrow.

Tarent: Ameliorate from music. Sensitive to music.

  • SENTIMENTAL: Is closing to emotional, but the degree sensitivity is different. A

person who is sentimental is more sensitive and will not be excited like a emotional

person. Which may be too strong or not appropriate.


1st grade medicine

Ant-c: sentimental mood in moonlight, especially ecstatic love, bad effects of disappointed affection. Great sadness, with weeping. Loathing life.

Ign: Persons mentally and physically exhausted by Long concentrated grief.Bad effects of disappointed love.(Calc-p), anger, grief. Broods in solitude.Silently brooding. Desire to be alone.

  • Moonlight, in: Ant-c
  • SEXUAL excesses, mental symptoms from: Mental symptoms arising after sexual


Bov, Calc, carv-v, chin, con, iod, kali-c, Lyc, merc, nat-c, Nux-v, Phos-ac, Phos,

puls, Sep, Staph.


1st grade medicines

Calc– the least mental excitement causes return of menstrual flow. Increased sexual desire.

Lyc– prolonged dissipation of energy either in the search for sexual gratification or in struggling with the attempt to control it through celibacy, finally results in a deterioration of the mental functions. This may begin initially as a confusion or poor memory in the morning, and gradually progresses to a more marked memory loss and intellectual weaknesses.

Nux-v– old debauches, broken down with stimulants, sexual excesses and the worry and fret of business. Patient is broken down sexually because he is Unusually endowed with sexual desires and he indulges until broken down. Sexually exhausted, impotent. Mental erethism but relaxation on intromission.

Phos-ac– in every case we find the mental symptoms are the first to develop. The remedy runs from mental to the physical, from brain to the muscles. Best suited to person of originally strong constitutions, who become debilitated by loss of vital fluids, sexual excesses. It also has great physical weakness, so tired in the back, so tired in the muscles, so tired all over, a paralytic weakness. Later there is sexual impotence, aversion to coition, loss of sexual desire, no erection, penis becomes relaxed in the midst of an embrace and he cannot finish the act (Nux-v).

Staph– the most distressing symptoms of the male genitals is excitability, but there is also impotence, great weakness of the sexual organs, the sexual desire is greatly increased but there is impotence. Useful in the results of secret vice, long practiced. “seminal emissions followed by great chagrin and mortification, prostration, Dyspneoa. Effects of onanism or sexual excesses, loss of memory, hypochondriasis, taciturnity, face sunken, bashed look, nocturnal emissions, backache, weak legs, relaxed organs, deficiency of Vital heat and tendency to take cold, deep sunken, red and lusterless eyes, hair falls out, loss of prostatic fluid and impairment of sexual desire “. Think of the extremely nervous patient.

  • SHINING objects agg: Aggravation for shining objects.

Bell, canth, hyos, Lyss, stram.


1st grade medicines

Bell: it aggravates by looking at bright, shining objects. Hyperesthesia of all the senses. Convulsions by renewed by sight of bright light, mirror or water. Convulsions without consciousness.

Lyss: convulsions from dazzling or reflected light from water or mirror, from even thinking of fluids of any kind.

2nd grade medicines- Canth, hyo, stram.

Canth: head hot, frenzy, delirium with great excitement and rage, paroxysms renewed by dazzling or bright objects by touching the larynx or by trying to drink water as in rabies.

Hyo: delirium from shining objects.

Stram: has the fear of water Stram has the fear of anything that might look like water,shining objects, fire looking glass. Convulsions with consciousness renewed by sight of bright light of mirror or water.

  • SMALLER things appear – A mental state where the person tend to asses things smaller then what they actually are.

1st grade medicine

Plat– one of the most striking characteristics of this drug is pride and over estimate of one’s self. She imagines that she is of a high born family and that her friends and relatives are of lowly origin and looks down upon them. Her acquaintances are inferior to herself.

A strange thing about this remedy is that this imagination extends to the body. She imagines that her body is large and that the bodies of other people are smaller in comparison with her own.

  • SOMNAMBULISM: One who walks during sleep. This happens without consciousness ;Sleep walking.

Acon., anac, bry, Nat-m, Op, Phos, sil, spong, stram, sulph.


1st grade medicinesAcon, Nat-m, Op, Phos.

Acon– aconite has the marked fear of death and anxiety of mind.with great nervous excitability.

The countenance is expressive of fear , the life is rendered miserable by fear, is sure his diseases will prove fatal, predict the day he will die. Somnolence sleep disturbed. Throws himself continually around in bed.

Nat-m– retarded sleep and sleeplessness at night with ineffectual efforts to go to sleep . difficulty in falling asleep again, at night after awaking. Sleep with full of dreams. Dreams of thieves in the house, making so strong an impression that patient wakes up and cnnot go to sleep until the house has been searched , Dreams of burning thirst, starts and talks in sleep and tosses about. Somnambulism.

Op– urgent inclination to sleep with absolute inability to go to sleep. Incomplete sleep, without

power to wake. Uneasy sleep, with anxious dreams. Sleeplessness with acuteness of hearing, clocks striking and cocks crowing at a distance keep her awake. During sleep picking of bedclothes, Groaning , Moaning during sleep. Sleepy , but cannot go to sleep.

Phos– Over powering sleep coming on after dinner, if only a moderate dinner has been eaten.

Sleeplessness before midnight. Sleepy at 7 p.m wakeful at night. Strong tendency to sleep by day, as from lethargy . Somnambulism.

  • STARTING, startled: To run about wildly. To awake suddenly from sleep, to exited or rouse by sudden alarm, surprise, fear, or shok.

1st grade medicines – Ars, Bell, Bry, Caps, Hyos, Lac-c, Nat-a, Nat-m, Stram, Stront.


Ars– Jerks and starts on falling asleep. Restlessness is one of the grand characteristics of Arsenic. Even the stupor of Arsenic is interrupted by fits of restlessness with anxious moaning. Patients are anxious, full of the fear of death, restlessness compelling them to frequently change their position. Hence the applicability of the drug in many nervous affections, notably chorea.

Bell– Complaints come suddenly; hot, red face, semi-stupor, every little while starting or jumping in sleep as if it might go into convulsions.

Bry– Startings of the muscles and of the limbs.─Convulsions.─Aggravation of the pains and sufferings at night, or in the evening, towards nine o’clock, as well as after having eaten, and from movement; amelioration during repose.

Caps– Lack of reaction and bodily irritability. severe chill with shaking; The patient is thirsty─but drinking causes shuddering.

Hyos– Fright followed by convulsions and starts from sleep.

Lac-c– Easily excited; easily startled. Wakes at night with a sensation that she was lying on a large snake.

Nat-a– wakes as if frightened.

Nat-m– Great tendency to start. Anguish, sometimes during a storm, but esp. at night.

Stram– Awakens with a shrinking look as if afraid of first thing she sees. Nervousness and restlessness.

Hallucinations that = terror or rage.─Saw people coming out of all corners.─Rush of blood to head with furious loquacious delirium.

Strot– Jerking in body and starts when sleeping.


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Dr Yogyata Kashyap
MD Scholar, Dept. of Repertory, Dr. M.P.K Homoeopathic Medical College, Homoeopathy University, Jaipur.

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