Homoeopathy medicines for summer complaints

Homoeopathy medicines for summer complaints

Mental Depression in Summer – Gels 1M

Vertigo in Summer – Psorinum 200, Phos 1M

Conjunctivitis in summer (granular) – Sepia 200

Headache in summer – Nat Carb 30, Glonoine 1M

Coryza in Summer – Gels 200

Cold/coryza with diarrhoea in Summer – Dulcamera 200

Pimples in Summer – Muriatic acid 30

Freckles < in Summer – Sulphur 1M

Rough face after exposure to sun – Kalmia 200

Toothache in summer – Ant crud 200

Stomach complaints in summer – Gujacum Q

Colitis in Summer – Vaccininum 30

Constipation in Summer – Bry 200

Periodical Diarrhoea in every Summer – Kali Bich 6

Dysentry in Summer – Kali Bich 6

Diarrhoea after taking cold drinks in Summer – Nux Mos 30

Diarrhoea after taking cold food in summer – Acid Phos 30

Asthma after taking cold in summer – Ars Alb 0/3

Asthma in Summer – Syphillinum 10 M

General respiratory and laryngeal complaints in summer – Argentum Nit 30

Summer Cough: Sang Can 30

Burning Soles in Summer – Vespa 30

Restless Sleep in Summer – Ferrum picric 200

Weakness and sleepiness due to heat of summer – Cornus Circinatus.

Fever in summer – Capsicum 30

Cracked skin < in summer – Cocus Cact 30

Jaundice in summer – Chionanthus Q

Pimples in summer – Bovista 30

Skin Eruptions in Summer – Kali Bich 1M

Convulsions in every summer: Stramonium 200

Fainting of school children (and adults) in summer due to exposure to sun: Ant Crude 200.

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  1. HN Guerensey remarks first check personality type plethoric chlorotic or nervous type,plethoric suffer from rush of blood to head cerebral congestion,chlorotic sallow yellow debilitated weak pulse hence low pressure blood rush to head is limited even if under irritation,nervous type hysterical brimful eyes apprehensive bedewed with perspiration.GLONOIN is king remedy when all these three maladies present most nervous weak minded is Nat Carb.Glonoin lippe says thinks himself to be a king all other inferior like platina there is sensitivity of head to any heat even sun heat heart starts pumping blood to head hammer type surge worse in warm room better by opening windows meniers type tinnitus aurium has to sit up if lies pillow also throbs so forceful sudden arterial pressure,even can go to vomit convulsive stage,head feels expanded like argt nit.those who think postively that all others are superior do not suffer from such motor vascular dysfunctions.summer those who work in fields get tolerance power those who sleep in AC rooms cannot tolerate even minor sun heat walk with umbrella in hand even cannot tolerate hat.Glonoin eclectics use in low potency for climacteric heat type headache.summer troubles rich and haughty not labour class.

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