Homoeopathy Pharmacopoiea committee is reconstituted

The Homoeopathy Pharmacopoiea committee of India is reconstituted as follows 

Chairman : Padmasree Dr VK Gupta

Official members 

  • Advisor of Homoeopathy/ Deputy advisor of Homoeopathy 
  • Director PCIM & H (Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy)
  • Director HPL

Non Official Members 

  • Dr DR Lohar – Former Director HPL
  • Dr Surenda Singh – Professor AIIMS
  • Dr AK Bhatnagar – Former Professor Botany, University of Delhi 
  • Dr DS Bhar – MD Hapco
  • Dr P Joy – MD HOMCO Kerala 
  • Dr SP Singh – Ex advisor Homoeopathy
  • Dr Alok Chandra Bharti – Professor Molecular Oncology, University of Delhi
  • Prof Shailendra Kumar Saxena – Professor, St George Medical University 

Tenure : 3 year 

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