How to become a good medical teacher? Some useful tips

teacher5How to become a good medical teacher? Some useful tips

Dr S K Singh

I have completed 34 years in teaching-learning in Physiology. During my whole career as a teacher of Physiology, I always tried to improve myself to become a good and effective teacher. I want to share with you few of my thoughts in my journey as  a teacher of Physiology.

I believe that if we focus on following tips sincerely and religiously ,we may improve and become a good teacher.

These tips may be useful especially for new faculty members.

  1. Love your students, Enjoy and make teaching and assessment of students your first priority.
  1. Make a ritual to read books and journal for at least one hour everyday to update your knowledge.
  1. Purchase and read at least one latest edition of your textbook of every year.
  1. Attend and actively participate in at least one state/national conference of every year.
  1. Engage yourself in active research work and try to publish at least one research paper/article in a reputed journal once in two years.
  1. Attend one medical education workshop every year and try to practice what you learned in the workshop.
  1. Be a life-long learner and appreciate and inspire your students.
  1. Give and take honest feedback from students.

These are my views to become a good teacher of the medical profession. I believe it may be applicable to other specialities of medical education.

I humbly request you to please do your best to impart the best knowledge and skills to your students and the best will definitely come back to you.

We all know the famous quote related to teaching:

Ordinary teacher tells, Good teacher explains, Better teacher illustrates,*Exceptional teacher inspires.

I strongly believe that you all have great potential and capabilities and posses a very bright future ahead. My love and best wishes will be always with you and your family.

Dr S K Singh
Professor, Physiology Department
Pramukhswami Medical College,Karamsad, Gujarat
Faimer Fellow-2010

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