How to check Plagiarism and Grammar in thesis or dissertation for free

plagiarismDr Mansoor Ali

Plagiarism means Intentional or un intentional copying – that includes copying paragraphs, tables, images.

Guide is also responsible for the plagiarism

Never copy and paste the entire lines or paragraph, but re-write the key finding in your own language – beware of plagiarism.

Example : “Fever is common in Kerala”
You have to rewrite in your own words to avoid plagiarism
“Kerala is a place where fever is common in rainy season” – then give reference.

Website :  (1 paper 8$)
University will give you a user ID and Password into your mail
Open in your browser
Enter your email ID and password
Change Password
Agree the terms and condition

You can Upload your dissertation in a single file (doc or docx or pdf format) upto 20 MB, If your file exceeds 20 MB split into 2 or more files(each file less than 20 MB).

It takes 2 to 3 hours for processing. Students can logout and open after 2 to 3 hours with your login into your area

  • The Tool shows the percentage of Plagiarism
  • Re submit if above the proposed percentage
  • Resubmission can be done until the last date
  • Up to 25% of similarity can be allowed by many Universities.
  • A fees of Rs 1,000/- may be collected from each student at the time of Registration itself.
  • If the percentage of plagiarism is below 25%, you must take screen shot and print  it.
  • Enclose with the hard copy of the dissertation.

How to check plagiarism yourself free

Copy or upload your pages

At a time 2000 words (300 words in a A4 sheet)



How Check Grammar and Spelling?

add-in to word or browser






You can also try :

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