How to get a PhD? A handbook for students and their supervisors

Hot to get a PhD A handbook for students and their supervisors by Estelle M Phillips and Derek S Pugh 

  • Be aware that in doctoral education you are under your own management and have the responsibility for determining what is required as well as for carrying it out.
  • 2  You will experience periods of self-doubt which you must come through with the clear aim of achieving your PhD.
  • 3  Read this book as you require it for insights into the PhD research learning process, to help you manage it better.

The gratifying response to the previous editions of this book testifies to the need of research students and their supervisors to understand the processes of effective doctoral education. The number of translations into other languages – Reformed Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Classical Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Korean and Japanese (in chronological order) – demonstrates that the issues covered here are highly relevant in many countries. This need to understand is reinforced by the considerable institutional change currently taking place in the higher education system in the UK. Since our first edition in 1987 opened up the subject for debate, many of the developments we have advocated have come about: greater university recognition and support for doctoral students, effective monitoring of student progress, training for supervisors in teaching the craft of research, establishing codes of practice in the responsibilities of both supervisors and students, and so on. And the changes are continuing apace. It is, therefore, appropriate to offer a fifth edition, revised and updated to the present situation. 

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