How to improve your clinic within 6 months

Dr  Manoj Kumar 

With my experiences and observation for more than 10 years and also by studying patient psychology for many years I found some tips for improving cases even in remote areas and villages. I am a qualified Homoeopath, a psychologist with having MSc in Applied Psychology and PG diploma in psychology .

Location: location is very important whether it may be in village or in a town. Preferably in ground floor, facing road or anywhere patients can reach there without much struggle or strain. Better to be near a well noticed area. My clinic was opposite a petrol pump. But must be away from the noise/air and other pollution. In a calm and clean healthy area. – If we put a board it must be viewed from both directions.

Clean your clinic regularly, the walls roof, curtains, instruments, table all the areas observable by the patient must be cleaned regularly.

Notice and advertisement

Board: use multiple boards if space available. in legally approved colors only. Blue or black letters in white back ground.
Degrees : Medical Council approved  qualifying degree must be well displayed. Many patients (not all-) searches for more alphabets in board.

Good name : Rarely your name may not suitable for the customary notions, it may be abbreviated or expanded accordingly.

Seat arrangement:

At least two seats needed, other than that of the physician. Height of the doctor’s seat must be higher than the others. (Psychological reasons behind there and also by homoeopathy the superior one only can expel the inferior, it is symbolically expressing here.) Position, physician must face the east. (according to vasthu concepts.) fan,ventilation, light, cash box

Wall color green or blue important of colors. pictures. plants aquarium, toys. music instrumental. Magnet under chair.
Dress code and appearance: good dress, preferably white toned, combed hair in 2hr gap, shoe, nail trim, clean plaque less teeth, no halitosis.

Instruments. Bp apparatus, steth. weighing machine , gluco meter, use the equipments for pleasing the patient even though there may not help you for finding remedies.

To patients:
Behavior. Don’t be arrogant and angry to them except in very genuine cases. They are patients, their arrogance and intolerance must be considered as a symptom (eg some patients are never acknowledge the amelioration, they always says the persistence of complaints ,but we must understand the relief from their appearance and from external measures like BP, blood data etc in such discontented persons nat.mur and lachesis are well indicated remedies).

Pharmacy; privacy must be there because our medicine mixing is as simple as that – the patient may not be satisfied with the way we casually handling medicines. Patient consider medicines are the most precious thing, ventilation and lighting must be adequate.

Behavior of staff towards patients:- smile, names of the patient remember, call the patients with due respect and with friendship.

Ambitious graph: Make graphs about monthly income and number of cases; prepare chart about seasonal cases and remedies

I think you may notice the problem with you and your clinic. Just try to correct the trouble immediately and get the result within the assured time. Just watch the growing graph. Contact me if any doubts


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