Is Homeopathy Loosing Ground ??

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It is sad to see, a large number of Homoeopathic Graduates coming out and not practicing Homoeopathy. They do not have faith in Homoeopathic medicines. Comparing it with other system of medicine they fall an easy prey to that system of medicine. Today a large number of patients suffer from diabetes, blood pressure, heart and kidney problems. The other system of medicine seem to have an immediate treatment for all the above problems and seeing the Homoeopathic Graduate is attracted to it.

Why is it so? Where is the problem? What is the solution to it?

Way back in the 1900 Dr J. T. Kent and Dr Stuart Close saw the problem and also gave an solution to it then, which escaped the reasoning  mind. In the preface to LECTURES ON HOMOEOPATHIC PHILOSOPHY, by Dr J.T. Kent, he writes”     Homoeopathy is now extensively disseminated over the world, but, strange to say, by none are its doctrines so distorted as by many of its pretended devotees. Homoeopathics treats of both the science and the art of healing by the law of similars, and if the art is to remain and progress among men the science must be better understood than at present. To apply the art without the science is merely a pretension, and such practice should be relegated to the domain of empiricism.To safely practice the art of curing sick people, the homoeopathic physician must know the science.”

And also in THE GENIUS OF HOMOEOPATHY chapter 10, Dr Stuart Close writes.” When homœopathic colleges teach homœopathy in every appropriate chair; when homœopathic hospitals and homœopathic clinics are conducted on homœopathic principles; and when homœopathic physicians make at least a sincere attempt to prescribe homœopathic remedies for their patients; then, and not before, will the/principles of common honesty find their application in the homœopathic medical profession. It is a breach of trust to do otherwise. The moral obligation is upon every man who is affiliated with a homœopathic institution, and upon every physician who professes the name of homœopathy, to be true to homœopathic principles.”

How true and painful it is to see even though the Homoeopathic Principles are taught, Dr Hahnemann’s Homoeopathy is taught, there seems to be no life in it. The teaching faculty do not seem to impress upon the young Graduate’s mind about Homoeopathy. A number of patients are being treated in the Homoeopathic institutional hospital and clinics, still the Graduate fails to see the cure. In a certain condition everybody seem to be helpless and what happens is this, the patient is send to the other hospital or else the other system of medicine doctor comes along and manages the case. Seeing this the young Graduate’s spirit is crushed to the ground, loses faith in Homoeopathy and claims that Homoeopathy can do nothing.

Now the need of the hour is that the teaching faculty has to make a sincere attempt to prove the superiority of Homoeopathy over all the other systems of medicine. The solution is simple.

First :  Understand Homoeopathy and make others to understand it.

Secondly :  Apply the art with the science.

Thirdly :  Fallow and be true to its principles.

According to Dr Herbert Roberts THE PRINCIPLES AND ART OF CURE BY HOMOEOPATHY, chapter 1, he writes” Homœopathy is founded upon principles that are in turn founded upon natural laws. If homœopathy is founded upon natural law, it is as basic and eternal as the hills; more, natural laws were formulated before the hills came into being. If a man follows where homœopathy leads, he must be able to follow those laws and to hold close to them regardless of the pressure of influence.”

Homoeopathy has much to offer to the young Graduate in terms of name, fame and money.

Set an example to the students, only then the young graduate will have faith in homoeopathy, practice Homoeopathy and only then will Homoeopathy flourish and will cure the sick masses.

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  1. Thank you sir, for such a inspiring article.
    Hope our lectures all over india have a eye on this atleast once & try to put these ideas to their students as well as to themselves .specially setting practical examples to student that how homoeopathy is superior then other healing sciences.

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