How to select the best topic for a Post graduate dissertation

tabTime frame for a dissertation work
First Six :
Discuss with guides, seniors, review topics, assess equipment availability, patient load, possible obstacles, finance, pilot study, finalisation of topics

Maximum you will get : 18 -20 month

Next 12 months : Conducting the study

  • Collection of data
  • Review of literature
  • Change of topic if required

Next three months

  • Follow up of patients
  • Finalisation of data
  • Completion of write up of methodology, literature section

Final three months

  • Completion of master chart
  • Analysis of data
  • Preparation of tables and figure
  • Final write up

Topic selection
This is a once in a life time work so think about your topic deeply – discuss with your seniors and teachers. Consider the following three facts while deciding a topic.

  1. Your Professional development – select a unique topic that gives you some professional development, that you can present in front of scientific community.
  2. Benefits to homoeopathy medical system – your dissertation must benefit to the growth and prosperity homoeopathy. So select a versatile but simple topic.
  3. Benefit to National health system – your study may benefit to the common man.


  • Think carefully about your topic.
  • Research Proposal in detail.
  • Stick to your plan.
  • Work closely with your supervisor.
  • Be organised and take detailed notes when you are undertaking your literature survey.
  • Consult a statistician in the beginning of study itself – he will guide you properly on sampling and data collection.

Who select the topic
Supervisor or Student : On many occasions supervisor suggests some topics with better understanding, knowing very well the facilities available in the Laboratory / Hospitals.

The student has also important role in accepting what has been suggested,  Impracticable outdated ideas of supervisors is catastrophic both to the students and to the department

A non committed students and a irrational supervisors are the real areas of conflict what we see in the working environment

Best method
Ask your students to come with 4 -5 topics – discuss the pros and cons, including the sample size, feasibility, utility etc. and finalise one.

Dissertation shall be

  • Clear and brief
  • Precise and accurate
  • Complete and thorough
  • Logical
  • Objective oriented
  • Appropriate grammar and language
  • Within the prescribed limit

teacher6Guide and student 

  • Guide and student should work together
  • Read research article and papers as much- take print out
  • That helps to develop a research mind


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