HPWWC international conference Homoeoprophylaxis at New Delhi

11-12 January 2020 | New Delhi, India
Evidence and Education – the Keys to Change
The scientific evidence for the prophylactic use of homoeopathic medicines
3rd HPWWC international conference scheduled in India on 11 – 12 January 2020 at hotel Radisson Blu, Dwarka, New Delhi. This event is expected to be attended by approx. 200 delegates from many nations, including experts from different dimensions within homeopathy. 
This time is now to learn about and utilize this more than 200-year-old choice that has literally been benefiting millions of people worldwide. 
We hereby invite you to join us

  • to learn the evidence
  • to see the data
  • to speak with those who have been studying and utilizing homoeopathic prophylaxis for years
  • to ask questions, to receive training, to come to a knowledge of this approach and
  • to realize and grasp the potential this has for further promoting the health of society
Friday, 10January
Workshop on Homeoprophylaxis with Dr Issac Golden (time and venue to be updated soon)
Saturday, 11 January
Opening Ceremony
SESSION I Homoeoprophylaxis around the globe: challenges and opportunities
Homoeoprophylaxis- historical overview
SESSION II Homoeoprophylaxis: global legal perspective
SESSION III Methods of Homoeoprophylaxis: strengths and weaknesses
Sunday, 12 January
SESSION I Drug development for homeoprophylaxis – needs and challenges
SESSION II Homeoprophylaxis- Evidence-base – Endemic and Epidemic Diseases
SESSION III Homeoprophylaxis – field evaluation
Methodological development in evaluation of Homeoprophylaxis Where are we going from here?
SESSION IV Homeoprophylaxis – future perspective
Panel Discussion and Q/A Session


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