Hyperhidrosis and Homoeopathic Management


PERSPIRATION is a natural phenomenon for thermal regulation of an individual’s body The secretion of sweat is mediated the sympathetic nervous system. The functional disorder of sweat gland cause excessive sweating, called Hyperhidrosis.


PRIMARY OR IDIOPATHIC HYPERHIDROSIS: Most common form with unknown etiology as the nerves responsible for signalling sweat glands become overactive, even not triggered by physical activity or a rise in temperature. Most common affected regions are palms and soles and face.

  • Palmar Hyperhidrosis (hands)
  • Axillary Hyperhidrosis (armpits)
  • Plantar Hyperhidrosis (feet)
  • Facial Hyperhidrosis (face)
  • Truncal Hyperhidrosis (Trunk)

SECONDARY HYPERHIDROSIS: Less common form as it’s the part of an underlying condition; following conditions can promote excessive sweating.

  • Hyperthyroidism   Severe psychiatric disorders Obesity
  • Diabetes                                   Menopause hot flashes              Thyroid problems
  • Low blood sugar   Some types of cancer               Heart attack
  • Nervous system disorders        Infections


  • Consume lots of water.
  • Improving general, physical, mental health of patient and also cutting hot ,spicy food,  tea , coffee, alcohol ,tobacco and reduce emotional stress.
  • Cause must be removed as in localized hyperhidrosis of feet deformities like flat footedness should be concerned.
  • Bathe, shower thoroughly every day. Cotton clothes let perspiration evaporate faster than synthetic materials.
  • Excessive body hair helps to retain sweat and bacteria, so shaving the underarms help the condition.


Perspiration in general: Bell, cal carb, chamom,china,hepar, merc, nux vom, rhus tox ,selen, sepia, sul,veratr.

—–of single parts: Cal carb,selen, sepia, sul.

—–on one side only: Baryta carb, nux vom, pulsat.

—–fore part of body: Cal carb, phos, selen.

—–back part of body:China, selen.

—–upper part of body:  Chamom, rheum.

—–easy (great inclination to perspire):Natrum  carb, sepia, sul.

—–want of (dryness of skin):Bell,bry,cal carb  ,chamom, china, colchi, dulca, kali carb, ledum,lyco,         nux moch, oleand, opium, phos, sec cor, senega,silic,sulph,verbasc.

—–with heat(dry, burning of skin): Acon, arnica,bell,bry,lach,lyco,nux vom,opium,phos,puls,rhustox.

—–with anxiety-Cal carb, pul, sepia,sul.

—–cold: Cina., hepar, ipec, verat.

—–yellow: Graphite,  merc.

—–hot: Opium.

—–smelling: Lyco, nitric acid, rhus tox, sepia.

—–sour:  Sepia.

—–stinking:  Baryta carb, dul.

—–uneasiness, creating: Flour acid.

Perspiration with thirst: Cham, china.

Perspiration without thirst: Hell, sambu, spigelia.

—–with inclination to uncover or undress oneself:  Acon

—–with aversion to uncover or undress oneself: Nux vom, samb,strontian.

Concomitant complaints: Ars, bry,caust, chamom, nux vom, opium, rhus tox ,sepia, stramon, sul,verat.


CALCAREA CARB Foot-sweat which makes the feet sore; feet feel cold and damp, as if she had wet stockings; burning in the soles; profuse perspiration on the scalp even while sleeping; leaving the pillow extremely wet.
SILICEA: Sweating of feet, hands and armpits; extremely offensive ,sometime sour or putrid odour. Silicea is irritable sensitive, nervousness and obstinate character.
GRAPHITES Profuse foot-sweat, the most moderate walking causes soreness between the toes, ; spreading blisters on the toes, thick and crippled toe-nails
BAR CARB Fetid foot-sweat, with callosities on the soles which are painful on walking; soles feel bruised at night, keeping one awake, after rising and walking.
HEPAR SULPHURIS sweat profuse day and night without relief; sour ,offensive ,on every mental and physical exertion.
KALI CARB Profuse fetid foot-sweat; swelling and redness of the soles; chilblains; stitches in the painful and sensitive corns1;upper part of body especially after eating.
SULPHUR highly offensive odour. They also have excessive heat in palms, soles and head with increased sweating
PETROLIUM Feet tender and bathed in a foul moisture; feet swollen and cold; hot swelling of the soles, with burning; heel painfully swollen and red; chilblain; tendency of skin to fester and ulcerate.
PHOSPHORUS Exhausting perspiration all over; perspiration after waking; perspiration smelling like garlic.
ZINCUM The feet are sweaty and sore about toes; also fetid; chilblains from scratching and friction; the suppression of sweat causes paralysis of the feet. Can’t tolerate covering during sweat.
JABORANDI Copious perspiration; profuse salivation;increases secretion of all glandular parts of body.
LACTIC ACID Profuse inoffensive sweating of feet.
PSORINUM Profuse perspiration after acute diseases, with relief of all suffering.
BELLADONA Sweat on covered part; during  sleep ;suddenly  occurring and suddenly disappearing
SULPHURIC ACID Excessive sweating >drinking wine
FERRUM Profuse long lasting sweat; clammy debilitating sweat especially in anaemic persons.
CHAMOMILLA Excessive sweating in women after confinement.
POLYPORUS OFF. Excessive sweating of consumptives.
NUX VOMICA Sweat upon upper half of body; sour morning sweat on right side.
MAGNESIA MURITICA Great tendency of head to sweat.
MERCURIUS Profuse perspiration with all complaints; doesn’t get relief; breath and body smells foul
RHEUM Sweat of scalp copious; constant whether sleep ,wake, motion,rest ,hairs always wet.
LYCOPODIUM Profuse and fetid foot-sweat, with burning in the soles; one foot hot, the other cold, or both cold and sweaty; swelling of the soles; they pain when walking; fissures on the heel.
SAMBUCUS NIGRA Profuse sweat over entire body during waking hours; on going to sleep, dry heat returns.
THUJA Fetid sweat on toes, with redness and swelling of the tips; nets of veins, as if marbled, on the soles of the feet; suppressed foot-sweats, nails crippled, brittle or soft. Sweat only on uncovered part.
CARBO VEG Foot-sweat excoriating toes; toes red, swollen; stinging, as if frosted; tip of toes ulcerated.
VERATRUM ALBUM Cold clammy sweat staining linen yellow. Worse on the forehead.
CONIUM Sweat as soon as one sleeps; or even when closing eyes; night and morning sweat; with offensive odour and smarting in skin.
CRATAEGUS Excessive sweating; skin eruption.
SEPIA Profuse foot-sweat or very fetid, causing soreness of toes; burning, or heat of the feet at night; crippled nails.
CINCHONA Exhausting night sweat; partial cold sweat on the face; all over body with thirst.
IODUM Acrid, corrosive foot-sweat; oedematous swelling of the feet..
BUTYRIC ACID Perspiration on slight exertion; profuse; offensive sweat of feet; crumbling away of fingernails.
SELENIUM Profuse sweating on armpit, genitials, on anterior part of body; stains linen yellow and stiffens.
PULSATILLA Left side sweat; only on feet and head.
BAPTISIA Frequent sweat small of back of all direction.
BRYONIA Sweat on short spell; only on single part; oppressive drawing in head as sweat subsides


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