Identification and characterization of NPS in hypericumperforatum 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M AND CM

plants6Dr ES Rajendran
Director, Prof and Head, Department of Homeopathic Philosophy,
Vinayaka Mission Homeopathic Medical College, Vinayaka Mission University, Salem, India

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method discovered by DrSamuel Hahnemann and is being practiced around the world. The validity of the science of homeopathy was questioned due to the lack of evidence of any material content in its ultra-high dilutions. The current paper as well as the earlier research papers of the author established the presence of large number of nanoparticles and quantum dots in all scales of dilutions of homeopathic drugs. The body of evidence presented are sufficient to establish the fact that homeopathy is not a placebo therapy but a nanomedicine.

The FESEM and EDS analysis of all the commonly used centesimal scale potencies of the homeopathic drug Hypericum prove the presence of nanoparticles and the elementary composition of all the studied particles shows the presence of C and O as universal elements in them. The presence of Si in EDS is necessarily the reflection of Silicon in Silicon wafers used for preparing the samples of potencies for analysis. The presence of other elements like Ca, Cl, Cu and Na occasionally in various samples could be treated as impurities, yet their presence demand further investigation. The universal presence of NPs in all the samples studied from every potency of Hypericum confirms the presence of NPs as the Nanopharmacological therapeutic agents of the homeopathic drug action. Findings in this study corroborates the earlier published study results (Rajendran, 2015; Rajendran, 2015; Rajendran, 2017; SaifulHaque, 2016; Nandy, 2015; Chikramane, 2010). The presence of NPs are not the only evidence to support nanaopharmacological nature of homeopathic drug action.

The detailed studies of the researchers (Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh, 2009; Saha, 2012) from different fields of science provided evidence of the capability of the potentised homeopathic drugs to trigger specific gene activity and other epigenetic programmings.

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