IHMA Homeopathy MD Entrance Question Bank 2009-10 Paper II

Post Graduate Model Entrance Examination Coaching  2009-2010   Question bank Series -II
Questions : 150                           Marks : 600                                Time        :     120   Minutes

Please   read   the   instructions   given   in   the   OMR   Answer  Sheet   for   marking   answers. Candidates are advised to strictly follow the instructions contained in the OMR Answer Sheet.

For each question there are four suggested answers, given against (A), (B), (C) and (D) of which only one will be MOST APPROPRIATE answer. Indicate it in the OMR Answer   Sheet.

Negative Marking: In order to discourage wild guessing, the score will be subject to  penalization   formula   based   on   the   number   of   right   answers   actually   marked   and   the   number of wrong answers marked. Each correct answer will be awarded FOUR marks.

ONE   mark will   be   deducted   for   each   incorrect   answer.   More   than   one   answer   marked  against   a   question   will   be   deemed   as   an   incorrect   response   and  will   be   negatively   marked.

1.  Which is not derived from ectoderm

  • a.  Sclera of eye    b. Sweat gland c. Skin   d. distal part of Anus

2.   Artery present in the Anatomical sniff box is

  • a. Radial       b. Ulnar         c. Interossceus     d. None

3.   Broca’s area is located in

  • a. Superior temporal gyrus     b. Parietal lobe
  • c. Inferior frontal gyrus           d. Angular gyrus

4.   Uterus develops from

  •  a. Mullerian duct    b. Wolfian duct      c. Both          d. None

5.   Triangle of Koch is not bounded by

  • a. Tendon Todaro                   b. Coronary sinus
  • c. Limbus Foss a Ovalis       d. Annulus of tricuspid value.

6.   Oligo dentrocites are important in

  • a. Blood brain barrier    b. Myelin formation      c. Phagocytosis           d. chemo taxis

7.   Bone not present at birth

  • a. Malleus       b. Incus     c. Stapes        d. Pectrous temporal

8.   Noto Chord develops in

  • a. 3  week           b. 3 months      d. 6 months      d. 10   week

9.   Which sinus opens extra cranially

  • a. Inferior petrosal sinus    b. Superior petrosal sinus
  • c. Sigmoid sinus                      d. Straight sinus

10. How many lymph nodes are there in Cervical group

  • a. 100               b. 200           c. 300           d. 400

11. Ejection fraction increases with

  • a. End systolic volume                          b. End diastolic volume
  • c. Peripheral vascular resistance              d. Veno dilation

12. Angiotensinogen      is produced by

  • a. Liver             b. Kidney        c. Atrium        d. Hypothalamus

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