IHMA Homeopathy MD Entrance Question Bank 2009-10 Paper I

Post Graduate Model Entrance Examination Coaching  2009-2010   Question bank Series -1
Questions : 150                           Marks : 600                                Time        :     120   Minutes

Please   read   the   instructions   given   in   the   OMR   Answer  Sheet   for   marking   answers. Candidates are advised to strictly follow the instructions contained in the OMR Answer Sheet.

For each question there are four suggested answers, given against (A), (B), (C) and (D) of which only one will be MOST APPROPRIATE answer. Indicate it in the OMR Answer   Sheet.

Negative Marking: In order to discourage wild guessing, the score will be subject to  penalization   formula   based   on   the   number   of   right   answers   actually   marked   and   the   number of wrong answers marked. Each correct answer will be awarded FOUR marks.

ONE   mark will   be   deducted   for   each   incorrect   answer.   More   than   one   answer   marked  against   a   question   will   be   deemed   as   an   incorrect   response   and  will   be   negatively   marked.

1.    The cysterna chylli are situated in the

  •  a. Pelvis        b. Thorax        c. Neck           d. Abdomen

2.    Length of male adult urethra is

  • a. 20 cm                  b. 10 cm         c.  4cm         d. 15cm

3.    Length of adult cervical canal is

  • a. 2 cm                   b. 2.5 cm       c. 6 m           d. 10 cm

4.    All of the following are grouped together as “muscles of mastigation except

  • a. Buscinator    b. Masseter      c. Temporalis    d. Pterygoids

5.    A Commonest cause for neuralgic pain in foot is

  • a. Compression of communication between medical and lateral plantar nerves
  • b. Exaggeration of longitudinal arches
  • c. Injury to deltoid ligament
  • d. Shortening of planter aponeurosis

6.    Posterior fontanels ossified at the age of

  • a. 1 year                 b. 2 years      c. 3 years        d. 4 years

7.    Ligamentum  pteris is derived from

  • a. Lift umbilical artery
  • b. Left umbilical vein
  • c. Right umbilical artery
  • d. Right umbilical vein

8.    At 30 days of intra uterine life

  • a. Heart starts beating
  • b. Cerebellum develops
  • c. Optical reside appears
  • d. Pinna appears

9.    A patient of external piles has pain, which of the following nerve carry this pain sensation?

  • a. Hypogastric nerve     b. Parasympathetic plexus
  • c sympathetic nerve      d. Pudendal nerve

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