IHMA took firm stand against allopathy practice by Homoeopaths

ihmaIndian Homoeopathy Medical Association(IHMA)  National President Dr T K Hareendranath, requested Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) not to start short term allopathy courses for homoeopathy practitioners.

Short –term course for Homoeopathic doctors to practice modern medicine- apprehensions reg;

The proposal of Maharshtra government to enable homoeopaths to practice modern medicine by giving them a short-term course in allopathy is deeply disturbing.  Though the decision is to extend the reach of medical aid to deserving common public in rural areas, in the long run, it will only help in degradation of homoeopathic system of medicine as well as substandard medical services to the public.

The history of homoeopathy in western countries and Europe clearly shows how they became almost extinct by unscientific integration with other systems of medicine. One can also see that the entire project is the brain child of some vested interests with educational institutions whose only agenda is personal financial gains.

So IHMA  strongly protest the idea of this unscientific short- term course to homeopaths to practice allopathy and thereby paving the way for diluting the quality of homoeopathic system of medicine.

Download IHMA letter to CCH



  1. Dear all friends ,
    Great issue whether allopathy should be included or not.Please all of us think that is it not true that homeopathy is having no answer for conditions like Hypertension, diabetes, mdr tuberculosis.Now many of Homeopaths doing tall claims that they can cure these conditions but same type they say that the Hypertensives should be not discontinued.Any accidental emergency can not treated by homeopathy alone.This is a fact.in snake you must use anti snake venom.I am practicing for last 35 years in rural areas and using both allopathy and homeopathy .How many practitioners are using full Homeopathy for their families?How many of you are not taking anti hypertensives?How many of you are not using paracetamol for simple headache?Ask all these question yourselves and then push young generation in doctors giving pills only.In our area a common lay person also give Homeopathy .If you are going to educate young generation without knowledge of emergency medicine then may god help them.

  2. Undoubtedly, some vested interests, including corporate world, in the garb of some institutions, are trying to defame homoeopathy, for which homoeopaths are to blame. Lure of lucre and spinal weakness are the main reasons why governments can think so. Who are those companies that produce combinations, tonics, patents in the name of homeopathy, if they do not get backing of the black sheep homoeopaths?

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