IMA copied Red Cross Emblem

drThe Indian Medical Association (IMA) is trademarking a new symbol — a red cross with ‘Dr’ written in the centre in white — to be used by doctors with an MBBS degree in allopathic medicine- While the increasing popularity of AYUSH poses a threat to incomes of allopathic doctors.

However, there are concerns that the new symbol resemble that of the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has been recognised since the 1864 Geneva Convention as a distinctive sign for medical relief teams on battlefields.

IMA designed a symbol uses a lighter shade of red for the cross and use of the abbreviation ‘Dr’ in the centre mimicing that of the Red Cross.

The IMA has already secured a no-objection certification (NoC) from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to trademark the symbol, and is now in the process of registering it.

After it is registered, if the symbol is used by anyone other than allopathic doctors, IMA can lodge a complaint and seek action.

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