Kerala Govt directs PSC to Cancel Tutor in Homeopathy Exams

Under Secretary, Department of Health & family Welfare, Govt. of Kerala directed Kerala Public Service Commission to cancel and freeze all the formalities related to Tutors in Homeopathy Examinations  for more than 21 posts and nine subjects conducted on13.10.2011 & 02.12.2011

Letter No.6695/J2/12 H& FWD dt 30.03.12

As per the letter by the Kerala Government to PSC

  1. As per the latest pay revision of homeopathy college teachers – Asst. Professor is the entry cadre
  2. As per the latest pay revision MD in Homeopathy is the basic qualification

Kerala PSC conducted examinations to the following subjects

  1. Homeopathic Pharmacy
  2. Case taking and repertorisation
  3. Organon of Medicine
  4. Pathology
  5. Surgery
  6. Practice of Medicine,
  7. Materia Medica
  8. Anatomy
  9. Physiology

This may be great injustice towards the thousands of candidates appeared for the examination after years of preparation and hard work. Why?

  • At the time of inviting application BHMS was the basic qualification
  • And the name of the post was – Tutor in Homeopathy
  • Even in Allopathy medical colleges – MBBS is the basic qualification
  • As per the Kerala Homeopathic Colleges Special rule 2001 – Tutor posts still exist – so it is not possible to abolish tutor posts with out amending special rule
  • In Kerala PG courses are available only in three subjects – outside Kerala in 7 subjects – So what will be the fate of 250 BHMS holders passing out every year from Kerala – even if the basic qualification is PG ?
  • Where we will accommodate BHMS holders without a post graduation?!

As per some reliable sources few postgraduate students’ request and foul play also resulted in the cancellation of the examinations.  They want new examination after completing their PG courses.

Govt. already initiated this movement even before the pay revision procedures coming into action.

Govt. of Kerala already enhanced the pension age of Homeopathy College teachers from 55 to 60 recently.

As per Kerala PSC regulations it is not possible to Cancel a post after its notification. But if the employer (Gov. of Kerala) is not willing to appoint, candidates are helpless.

PSC will probably complete its procedure in publishing the rank list as per reliable information.

Only 20 doctors got appointment as teachers in Kerala Homeopathy Medical Colleges since January 2006.

In medical Officer sector only 150 candidates got appointment even though the rank list contains more than 1000 candidates. That rank list will expire on July 2012.

Controlling Officer of Homeopathy yesterday requested Govt. of Kerala not to cancel the tutor posts. She also contacted PSC officials and expressed the concern of students and department. Since the department is in major short of teachers.

Central Council of Homeopathy probably withdraws the recognition of many PG courses because of the shortage of teaching staff as per CCH Minimum Standard of Education. CCH already warned Govt. of Kerala in the last visit. Next CCH inspection will be on May 2012.

Lateral Entry
On the basis of  this order, there is a strong movement for lateral entry – accommodating teachers from the aided colleges – they have surplus and excess ‘payment teachers’ – to government colleges on the background of shortage of teaching staffs in Govt. colleges as per CCH norms.

Download Kerala Govt letter :

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