Kerala IMA opposes move to co-locate AYUSH to PHCs

eyeThe Kerala government’s dream project of co-locating allopathy and Ayush health services at one centre for the benefit of the ailing masses is likely to be held off due to the stiff objection against the move by the state branch of the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

In its proposals submitted for framing the state health policy 2013, the IMA states that integration of various systems cannot be permitted in the allopathic healthcare centres, and each system should be provided separate arena to develop on its own ways. The Kerala chapter of IMA also demanded to the government that the attempt to provide services of modern and traditional systems under one roof should be nipped in the bud.

Speaking to Pharmabiz over phone, Kerala IMA secretary Dr AV Jayakrishnan said the Kerala model of healthcare management is parallel to the European system which is scientifically very advanced. Compared to other states in India, Kerala has good infrastructure facilities and manpower for both the systems. Whereas, in most of the north Indian states the infrastructure facilities are lacking, so both the systems are brought under one roof for their convenience. The situation in Kerala is different, hence no need to co-locate Ayush and allopathic facilities at one place.

After analysing the draft health policy released by the government, Dr Jayakrishnan said IMA disputes the claim on the role of alternative medicines in curative services and such posturing without back up of any methodical study will be detrimental to public health. “Modern system is scientifically proven and in Kerala we are following the advanced method of treatments in allopathy. If the co-location is implemented the patients coming to the health centre are likely to shift from one system to other occasionally which may cause death or serious illness. So, each system should be developed independently and the concept of integration is impracticable,” Dr Jayakrishnan told Pharmabiz.

He said the fund allotted under NRHM for allopathic health services should not be spent for developing Ayush system. If two methods of treatments are located at one health centre, there is chance for clash of services and  mismanagement of developmental funds.

Meanwhile, coming down heavily on the big-brother attitude of the IMA, general secretary of the Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers Organisation of India (AMMOI) and former member of Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), Dr D Ramanathan said the Kerala IMA’s attitude is not people-friendly. He said they are blindly opposing the traditional healing system of the country and also moving against the policy of the government. According to him, Kerala finance minister in his budget speech in this year had obviously said that government was planning to integrate allopathy, Ayurveda and Homoeopathy systems of medicine at the primary level and design it as holistic clinics on pilot basis. He further said his association will mobilize the support of all the stakeholders of Ayush system and approach the government with a request to implement the scheme.

AMMOI has brought the issue to the attention of all the MLAs in the state and was informed that they would raise it in the ongoing Assembly session, said the secretary of the organisation. [Source]


  1. Dear all colleagues,

    Though I belongs to West Bengal, wish to be the direct participant for this challenge.

    At least IMA did this, I’m agree with IMA, not for they are the superior than us (false belief they have), it’s our chance to prove ourselves towards world. I wish Kerala Govt. will accept this & all homoeopath will welcome this as challenge (turning point), where we can feel free as we feel in our family then only we can blossom in full form & every one can smell it purely. Aroma of AYUSH is mind blowing & they feel jealous always & it’s becoming expose to world. It’s a very good sing for us.

    Appeal to all AYUSH doctor think for positive.

  2. Actually this is not the reason why they are opposing in kerala.There are many nearly co located dispensaries in kerala. In many such dispensaries there are more patients in Homoeopathic OPd’s. That creates a jealous.In PHC’s doctors many allopathic doctors leave the center at 1 pm..If doctors of other systems come there Allopaths fear that they will lose their monopoly in the institution. Moreover people will recognize the goodness of other systems too. Otherwise Allopaths have no issue.Many of them taking Homoeopathic medicines for their family.Many of them refering cases to Ayurveda and Homoeopathy..and they knows the advantages of alternating systems.

  3. Dear all colleagues,
    The opposition presented by IMA is very natural, thus I will not blame them. Actually we are at fault. The reason behind such a scenario is only failure in upgrading the things or subsisting knowledge. We didn’t updated ourselves. There are several new faculties have emerged in the field of medical science and, as I have already told you that, they have recognized as branch of medical faculty. The genetics, molecular biology and biotechnology are some of them. These branches together with new hope of light and understanding have also brought with themselves a new terminology in the field of medical science; which made the ‘Organon’ more difficult to understand. After all, the new means of evaluation of the disease phenotypes, i.e. the assessment of the causes of morbid expressions via ‘objective symptoms’, which was not existent in the era of Hahnemann, has now come up strongly and emerged in the field of medical science. He went on evaluating all the happenings on the basis (reading) of ‘subjective symptoms’ only; given that, the faculty of assessment of the disease phenotypes on basis of ‘objective symptoms’ was still awaited. Thus, if we really want evolve with evolutionary phenomenon and progress fast quickly in the 21st century, we should have to ‘update’ and ‘upgrade’ our subsisting knowledge and ourselves immediately in harmony with current developments.
    In order to survive with real Homœopathy, we should have to accept real truth of life. It’s a natural evolutionary process and phenomenon. We should have to learn a lesson again that the change is rule of galaxy and how to proceed in future. If the process of evolution in any field gets dwindled or relatively become restricted or stopped down entirely, however, on account of any reason, the downfall is always become evident inevitably of the concerning system.
    No doubt! Homœopathy was appeared like blizzard on the scenario of medical world and spread like fire of forest that covered the entire globe within a half of century. But, it is also true that, after the era of Hahnemann, unfortunate downfall of a real system of medication or true medicinal science in the most of countries was also begun within just a century. It is still going-on steadily so far. And so that, the situations cannot to be said as very fine or comfortable. The reason behind such a scenario is only failure in upgrading the things or subsisting knowledge. Therefore, we are facing present condition. The reality is that, the true Homœopathic prescribers are weeping in a corner within the faculty. Whereas, on the other hand, the incompetent and malicious ‘MIXOPATHS’, the prescribers of ‘HOMOEO-ALLOPATHY’, are enjoying a lot on the name of this faculty, the Homœopathy. In the ‘HOMOEO-ALLOPATHY’, the several substances, the so-called Homœopathic medicines, which are not at all, are compounded and intermixed together and then they employed to the sickened individual beings. Such compounds cannot be Homœopathic at all to the any patient. Such kind of medication, by aforesaid ‘MIXOPATHS’, the so-called Homœo-physicians, is being prescribed on the allopathic basis and principles. Dr. Hahnemann inscribed in the introduction of 6th edition of ‘Organon’, on the page no. 76, that: “The mixture of several medicines, even if the effects of each single medicine on the human body were accurately known (–the prescription writer, however, often knows not the thousandth part of their effects–), the association, in one prescription, of several such ingredients, I repeat, many of which are themselves of a very compound nature, and the peculiar action of any one of which is as good as unknown, although in reality it always differs greatly from that of the others, and the administration of this incomprehensible mixture to the patient in large and frequently repeated doses, in order therewith to obtain some purposed, certain, curative effect, is a piece of folly repugnant to every reflecting and unprejudiced person.” In this regard, on the page no. 78, he furthermore added that: “The result naturally belies every expectation that had been formed. There certainly ensue changes and results, but none of an appropriate character, none beneficial–all injurious, destructive!” But, even from the Germany, a step ahead, the so-called birth place of Homœopathy, only for the cause of monetary gain and nothing else, such proprietary Homœopathic medicines and patents are made available in the medicine shops for the sale. Similarly, alluding to Hufeland’s Journal, as regards to realization of absurdity that exists with allopathic mixtures and identified by the allopaths themselves; in the introduction of 6th edition of ‘Organon’, he inscribed in the NB 29, on the page no. 77-78, that: “The absurdity of medicinal mixtures was perceived even by adherents of the old school of medicine, although they still continued to follow this slovenly plan in their own practice, contrary to their convictions. Thus Marcus Herz (in Hufeland’s Journal, 11, p.33) reveals the pricks of his conscience in the following words: “when we wish to remove the inflammatory state, we do not employ either nitre or sal-ammoniac or vegetable acids alone, but we usually mix several, and often but too many, so-called antiphlogistics together, or give them in the same case in close succession. If we have to combat putridity, we are not content to look for the attainment of our object from the administration of large doses of one of the known antiseptic medicines, such as cinchona bark, mineral acids, arnica, serpentaria, ..etc., alone; we prefer association several of them together, and count upon their communit of action; or from our uncertainty as to whose action is the most suitable for the case in question, we throw together a number of different substances, and almost leave it to chance to effect the end we have in view, by means of one of them. Thus we seldom excite perspiration, purify the blood (?), overcome obstructions (?), promote expectoration, or even evacuate the primae viae, by a single remedy; our prescriptions for these objects are always composite, almost never simple and pure, consequently neither are our observations in reference to the actions of each individual substance contained in them. To be sure, we learnedly institute certain grades of rank among the remedies in our formulas; on the one to which we particularly commission the action, we confer the title of base (basis), the others we call helpers, supporters (adjuvantia), correctives (corrigentia), ..etc. But this classification is evidently almost entirely arbitrary. The helpers and supporters have just as much part in the whole action as the chief ingredient, although, from want of a standard of measurement, we are unable to determine the degree of their participation in the result. In like manner the influence of the correctives on the powers of the other ingredients cannot be quite indifferent; they must increase or diminish them, or give them quite another direction; and hence we must always regard the salutary (?) change which we effect, by means of such a prescription, as the result of all its ingredients collectively, and we can never obtain from its action a pure experience of the individual efficacy of any single ingredient of which it is composed. In fact, our knowledge of what is essential to be known respecting all our remedies, as also respecting the perhaps hundredfold relationship among each other into which they enter when combined, is far too little to be relied upon to enable us to tell with certainty the degree and extent of the action of a substance, seemingly ever so unimportant, when introduced into the human body in combination with other substances”. But, methinks, we are still to realize the things properly.
    The ethics of noble medical profession is not seen anywhere in the present phase of evolution. It has vanished away or lost anywhere in the long run of cutthroat competition between the physicians of different faculties. Anyone can now hunt down such Homœopaths who are totally engaged in such kinds of malpractices. Between the physicians of different faculties, in this cutthroat practice era, we can observe our physicians who work for our own opponents as a commission agent. The Soul of ours Master Hahnemann might be weeping even in his rest place. In this regards, from the Ocean of such malicious peoples, except for celebrating his birth anniversary only, has any Homœopath have enough time to look at our master? I know it very well that, my wisdom, writings and teachings, which are solely intended for the improvement in understanding of the subject in question, as well as, to offer an excellent medicinal employment technique for the best ever mode of medication, the real ‘‘Homœopathy’’ (?), may also go in vain; however, I shall keep-on writing and offering my latest ever experiences. But, it shall certainly be useful to those people, who respect the Master and actually love the real truth and science. At last, in the favour of ‘similia’, on the page no. 79, in the introduction of 6th edition of ‘Organon’, he inscribed that: “It was high time for the wise and benevolent Creator and Preserver of mankind to put a stop to these abominations, to command a cessation of these tortures, and to reveal a healing art the very opposite of all this,”………….. “but which, on the contrary, should spare the patient’s strength as much as possible, and should, rapidly and mildly, effect an unalloyed and permanent cure, and restore to health by means of smallest doses of few simple medicines carefully select according to their proved effects, by the only therapeutic law conformable to nature: similia similibus curentur. It was high time that he should permit the discovery of homoeopathy.”


  4. OR the hidden reason is the Fear factor for IMA? ha..all the medical systems is for the better health of humanity,and the health is better preserved by Homeopathy and ayurveda too.
    I feel Govt.Of Kerala will continue the good steps taken by them to include AYUSH for the better health of kerala.The true fact Europians are crying for a better health system, like , intagrative and holistic including Homeopathy,ayurveda, Naturopathy etc..

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