Kerala PSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Exam paper 2001

Maximum : 100 marks
Time : 2 hours
Write the answers in English.
Answer all questions.
Answers should be accurate and brief.

1. Discuss the difficulties in handling a chronic case

2. what do you mean by ‘ Constitution ‘ in Homoeopathy? Describe in short its various components.

3. Explain the complete process of trituration according to clinical scale.

4. Write the importance of different types of symptoms in Homoeopathy.

5. Write the charactristic symptoms of the following.

  • i. Phosphorus.
  • ii. Sabina.
  • iii. Thuja Occ.
  • iv. Kreosotm.
  • v. Carbolic acid

6. Write cardinal indications of the following medicines in cervical spondylosis.

  • i. Causticum
  • ii. Arnica.
  • iii. Bryonia alb.
  • iv. Staphysagria.
  • v. Sulphur.

7. Write two complications of each of the following :

  • i. Emphysema.
  • ii. Gastric Ulcer.
  • iii. Bronchial Asthma.
  • iv. Chronic Alcoholism.
  • v. Hepatic Cirrhosis.

8. write the importance of :

  • i. ASO.
  • ii. Serum Amylase.
  • iii. Serum acid phosphatase.
  • iv. ESR.
  • v. Casoni’s test.

9. Discuss briefly the clinical features of :

  • i. Cerebral Malaria.
  • ii. Acute Pyelonephritis.

10. Discuss

  • (a) Define Leucopnea.
  • (b) Discuss two main causes for the same.
  • (c) Discuss two main diagnostic points for each case.
  • (d) Discuss one complication of each case.

11. In a case of a patient with hepatocellular failure, it is seen that blood-ammonia level is elevated and prothrobin time is prolonged.

  • (a) Explain why does the blood ammonia level is elevated in this patient.
  • (b) What could be the most serious consequence for prolonged prothrombin time in this case? Explain with reasons.

12. a seventy five-year-old man is admitted to hospital after sudden loss of consciousness. his signs and symptoms suggest of a ‘stroke’. A week later he regains his consciousness, has difficulty in speaking and can not move the right side of the body and the muscle-tone is elevated.

  • (a) Which cerebral hemisphere has been affected by the stroke ?
  • (b) Which features of the victim’s condition suggest this ?

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