Kerala PSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Exam paper 1999

Maximum : 100 marks Time : 2 hours
Write the answers in English.
Answer all questions.
Answers should be accurate and brief.

1. What are the main identifying characters of a sycotic patient ? Give five charactaristic symptoms and three anti-sycotic drugs.

2. In an epidemic outbreak of Japanese encephalitis, mention three homoeopathic drugs with its indications.

3. Write brief notes on :

  • (a) Immune deficiency disorders.
  • (b) Korsakoff’s psychosis.
  • (c) Siderosis.
  • (d) Hepatitis B.
  • (e) Crohn’s disease.

4. Spot out the correct statement :

  • (a) Most common organism causing hospital infection is :
  • (i) Streptococci.
  • (ii) Staphylococci.
  • (iii) Gonococci.
  • (b) The common complication of fracture of Pelvis is :
  • (i) Injury to membranous urethra.
  • (ii) injury to common Iliac artery.
  • (iii) injury to rectum.
  • (c) In starvation pupils are :
  • (i) Contracted.
  • (ii) Dilated.
  • (iii). Pin Point.
  • (iv) Alternately contracting and dilating.

5. Mention two Homoeopathic remedies with its indications for respiratory complaints of workers in iron and steel industries.

6. Mention two Hom. drugs for insect bite. Give its indications.

7. Complete the statements with appropriate words :

  • (a) Dying declaration is recorded by ___________.
  • (b) Suspended animation is seen in ___________ .
  • (c) Murphy’s sign is obtained in ______________.
  • (d) Cylindrical lenses are provided for the correction of ____________.

8. In human blood , what is the normal values of the following :

  • (a) Glucose.
  • (b) Bilirubin(total).
  • (c) Alkaline Phosphatase.
  • (d) Urea.
  • (e) HDL cholesterol.

9. Write a model form of prescription to a patient suffering from Bronchitis .

10. What is the purpose of the following tests :

  • (a) Widal test.
  • (b) Mantaux.
  • (c) Dick’s test
  • (d) HIV test.

11. Write a specimen form of fitness certificate to an employee in a company, who has availed 30 days sick leave.

12. Match the following :
                               A                                                                                                  B

  • (a) Recommended protein for an adult in India             (1) middle 1/3
  • (b) Free residual content after chlorination of water. (2) 0 to 6 mm./hr
  • (c) The common site of oesophageal carcinoma.          (3) 0.5 mgm./litre.
  • (d) ESR in adult male                                                                 (4) Grave’s disease.
  • (e) T3, T4                                                                                       (5) 1 gm.kgm.

13. Mention four remedies for injury .

14. How will you manage a woman employee with morning sickness ?

15. Give the statistical value of the following :-

  • (a) Total population in Kerala (as per 1991 census).
  • (b) Literacy rate (percentage).
  • (c) Life expectancy in India.
  • (d) Infant mortality rate in India.

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  1. Kerala PSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Examinations 1999
    There are only 15 questions listed. Is this question paper contains 15 questions or more than that like Kerala PSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Examinations 2007
    please reply me.

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