Kerala PSC Nurse Cum pharmacist Examination paper 1997

Exam Date : 1.10.1997    131/97
Maximum: 100 marks     Time: Two hours
Write answers in English.

1. What is blood? What are the important functions of blood? 8
2. What are the important homeopathic remedies used in: 4

(a) Haemorrhage.
(b) Burns.
(c) Aphyxia.
(d) Poisoning?

3. What do you mean symptom, sign and syndrome? 6
4. What are the diet and regimen to be noted in the treatment of chronic disease? 8
5. What are the advantages of breast feeding ? 6
6. What are the general instructions for bed making? 8
7. What do you mean enema? Discuss the general instructions for giving enema. 12
8. What are the sources of Homeopathic drugs? One example for each. 12
9. What is posology? What are the approximate doses according to age? 4
10.Give the meaning of the following abbreviations:      – 3
Tid, Sos, Pc, H.S.S. Capt, Cm.
11. What are the important vehicles used for preparing external applications? 5
12. What do you mean?
Asepsis, Antiseptic, Sterilization, Cross infection. 8
13. What is blood pressure, what are nurses’ responsibilities in the measurement of blood Pressure? 6
14. What is pharmaconomy? Explain. 5
15. What are the usual size of globules? How will you medicate globules? 5

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