Delhi Institute of homoeopathic Pharmacy

Pharmacy (2)The Delhi Institute of Homoeopathic Pharmacy and Paramedical sciences (DIHPPS) provide access to student’s centric quality for Homoeopathic Pharmacy and Paramedical Education skill up gradation and training through open and distance learning mode of Education.

The open learning system being operationalised by Vishwakarma Open University for self employment is a large network. With VO– USE Delhi Institute of Homoeopathic Pharmacy and Paramedical sciences (DIHPPS) running that course under simpathy and Registered with Govt. of Delhi by four Regional centers.

The Regional Centers are authorized as a Study Center; Students could take Admission and obtain regular information about Examination Center. Examination Date and any kind of information.



  • Introduction to Homoeopathy
  • Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia
  • Homoeopathic Pharmacy
  • Sources of Homoeopathic Drugs
  • Collections of Drugs Substances
  • Preservation of Drug and Homoeopathic Medicine
  • Vehicle
  • Potentisation
  • Abbreviation of Medicine
  • Practical Part
  • Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Instruments Appliances
  • Cleansing of Utensils
  • General Laboratory & Lab Method
  • Medicate Aconite 30 in Globules no – 20
  • Find out No of Globules
  • Prepare Arnica Ointment 10 grms


  • Drug Administration
  • Homoeopathic Posology
  • External Application
  • Homoeopathic Prescription
  • Dispensing of Medicine
  • Introduction to M.T., Dilution, Biochemic & Biocombination
  • Legalisation in Relation to Homoeopathic Pharmacy
  • Introduction to Sundries
  • Important Terms & Conditions used in Homeopathy

Practical Part

  • Prepare Calendula Glycerol 10ml.
  • Prepare Rhus Tox Liniment 10ml
  • Prepare Cantharis Lotion 10ml
  • Prepare Allium Cepa Q, 15ml (class – II)
  • Prepare Zingiber Q 15ml (class – III)
  • Preparation of Mother Tincture

For more details :
Delhi Institute of homoeopathic Pharmacy & Para Medical Sciences
C-79/6 Om Nagar, Badarpur, New Delhi-110044
Tel No: 01126668884,
Mobile No: +919910153148,+919968009198
Fax No: 01129892034



  1. should i apply?what are the requirement?how much is the fees and other fees both the hostel

  2. I wish to apply for diploma degree in homeopathic a nigeria with diploma degree in homeopathic medicine and surgery from Nigeria Homeopathic medical colkege/hospital oron.akwa ibom state, i eligible to apply? Whats the requirement needed

  3. Public Notification
    Vishwakarma Open University For Self-Employment, India
    Delhi Institute of Homoeopathic Pharmacy & Para-Medical Sciences (Simpathy), New Delhi -110044 is not Affiliated with Vishwakarma Open University For Self-Employment, India In the Current Session 2012-2013. University is not responsible for issue of Certificate in the Current Session. Dr.Jyoti,Registrar

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