Keynote Prescriptions in Homoeopathy

Dr Pratibha Raturi

The First step in the study of Homoeopathic Materia Medica is that the Homoeopathic Therapeutics are to be understood correctly so that the pathways to learning of Materia Medica is more direct and comprehensive.

By Understanding the keynotes one can Master the Guiding and Characterstic Individuality of each remedy. So that we can intelligently use our voluminous symptomatology to treat the sick. It is an attempt to render task less, simplifies the study, makes materia medica more interesting and useful and ensures constant revision of  materia medica.

The term ‘Keynotes’ was first introduced by Dr. Henry N Guernsey, his aim was to present characterstics of a drug to turn the student’s mind in the direction of a proper remedy and to illustrate finer shades of difference between remedies which more or less resembled each other.



  • ENURESIS- Equisetum 30
  • If the child has difficulty to control even during day time- Caust 30.
  • If the urine is of strong odour- Nitric acid 30
  • Bed wetting with worm infestation esply pinworms- Embe-r 6
  • SPASM- or convulsion in children during fever or dentition or because of worms- Art-v 30
  • BACKWARD children(slow in studies)- Baryta carb 30


  • In children. Vomiting, rattling in chest- Ipecac 30
  • Asthma worse after midnight- Ars 30
  • Asthma worse after 1st sleep or soon after going to sleep- Aral 30
  • In difficult cases- Blatta q
  • Spasmodic asthma without mucus – Kali p 3x, Mag p 3x
  • Asthmatic cough relieved by warm drinks- Chel 30


  • Boils in ears or in nose- Calc pic 6
  • Boils when appear in crop- Arn 30
  • Boils having redness and swellind marked- Bell 30
  • Very painful and sensitive to least pressure- Hep 30
  • Slowly maturing with much induration – Sil 30
  • With lot of pus and rise in temperature and breaks the tendency of recurring boils- Echi Q


  • If the skin is unbroken- Arn 200 internally and Arn Q for application
  • If the skin is broken- Ham Q for application
  • In case of bruise on the eyes- Led 30 followed by Symphytum 30


  • Cantharis 30 internally
  • Canth ointment locally
  • If no relief- Urtica urens 30 and Urtica u Q locally


  • FIRST STAGE: a) When chilliness is felt and beginning of irritation in nose and throat sets in- Acon 6 or camph 1x
  1. b) Sneezing, irritating discharges, Watery coryza with weakness- Ars 6
  2. c) Cold, sneezing, acrid discharge better in open air- Allium c 30
  3. d) Coryza with cough, sneezing, breathlessness worse in closed room, better in open air- Just 30
  4. e) Chilliness with blockage of nose- NV 30
  5. f) Nose blocked in children, snuffles- Sambucus 30
  6. g) Nasal obstruction worse in damp weather- Lem-m 30
  • SECOND STAGE (when discharge thickens to thick white or yellow or greenish)
  1. a) Thick white discharge worse morning. Post nasal discharge- Kali m.
  2. b) Thick yellow or greenish, sticky discharge- Kali bi 30
  3. c) Greenish yellow discharge, sticky discharge- Puls 30
  4. d) Tendency to catch colds- Sulph 200 then Calc 200 then Tub 200.


  • Early stage when nasal or post nasal catarrh is associated with cough- Bell 30 alternatively with Merc 30
  • Dry cough worse in cold air, better covering nose and throat- Rumex 30
  • Dry irritating cough- Just 30
  • Dry cough with hollow trumphet like sound, barking cough or sudden croupy cough- Acon  3o, Spong 30
  • Dry cough worse on lying down- Hyos 30
  • Cough due to post nasal drip or catarrh- Merc 30 or 200.
  • Cough better by warm drinks- Chel 30
  • Cough associated with sinusitis- Sang, Sil, Merc.


  • Loose cough, rattling even with sneezing- Ars 30, Ip 30 alternately
  • Very loose rattling cough very difficult to bring out expectoration- Ant t 30
  • Ticklish or loose cough especially in the morning. Involuantary urination with cough- Squil 30
  • Dry cough , relief on lying- Mang 30
  • Barking laranygeal cough with certain amount of hoarseness- Spong 30
  • Barking cough with certain amount of looseness of phlegm- Spong 30, Hep 3 alternately
  • Cough soon after going to sleep- Aral 30
  • Cough with thick ropy expectoration worse in morning on waking- Coc-c 30


Staph 30 , Kali mur 6x, Calc f 6x


  • In the beginning- Acon 20
  • Pain and redness with photophobia- Bell 30
  • With excessive lachrymation- Euphr 30
  • With thick yellow discharge- Puls 30 alternating with Kali s 6x
  • Due to change of weather esply from winter to summer with thick white discharge eyes agglutinated- Car- pap 6
  • In irritable children- Cham 30
  • Profuse acrid discharge worse at night- Merc 30


  • Preventive- Cupr ac 3x
  • During any case of diarrhea and also during epidemic- Sulph 30
  • Chronic diarrhea- Sulph 30, Nv 30, Nat s 12x, Calc p 12x
  • Painless, chronic diarrhea, slimy yellow pale stools, often with involuntary loss, acute painless diarrhea- Ph- ac 30
  • Sour smelling stol- Rumex 30
  • After vaccination- Thuja 200


  • In simple cases- Sulph 30,Nv 30
  • Stool hard balls like sheep dung or soft stool with inactivity of rectum- Alum 6


  • After rich spicy food- Nux v 30
  • After rich greasy food, pastry, cocoa etc- Puls 30
  • Worse from eating or drinking anything, stool watery, large- Chin 30
  • Large but offensive stool- Podo 30
  • Involuantary passage of stools while passing flatus- Aloe 30
  • Diarrhoea with vomiting- Ars 30 and Ipecac 30 alternately
  • Stools lagre in quantity and vomiting continues and patient desires only cold drinks- Verat 30
  • In children during dentition when they are irritable- Cham 30
  • In flabby children, diarrhoea with sour odour of stool and sweating of head- Calc 30
  • Painless chronic slimy yellow pale stools, often with involuantary loss, particularly when moving about- Ph ac 30


  • Loss of appetite, dyspepsia from over eating, spicy food, drinking strong coffee- Nux vom 30
  • Loss of appetite after rich, greasy food, pastries and cakes- Puls 6
  • After ice cream- Puls 30, Car- pap 6


  • With whining restlessness which is better when carried about and petted constantly. Hot green watery stools. – Cham 30
  • With offensiveness, painless, profuse and gushing stool. child likes to lie down on abdomen. – Podo 30
  • Child happy all day, weeps at night. – Jal 6
  • Gums bluish red, spongy, great restlessness, screams at night, wants to be in motion – Kreos 30
  • Desires to bite or press the gums together- hyt 30
  • As a routine remedy during dentition – Calc-p 6x


  • Earache associated with acute catarrhal symptoms- Bell 30
  • Severe pain worse in warmth, night and specially in children with snarling cry- Cham 30
  • Severe pain in children with a pitiful cry, worse at night- Puls 30
  • Thick watery discharge especially when ears are sensitive to cold draft of breeze- Sil 30
  • If there is no sensitiveness to cold air and the dicharge is thick green.- Puls 30
  • If ears are sensitive to cold air, cannot lie on the affected side- Hep sulph 30
  • Blocked ears with slight deafness – Merc 30
  • Pain in ear due to boils in external ear- Calc pic 6x


  • Enuresis – Equis 30
  • If the child finds it difficult to control urine even during day time – Caust 30
  • If urine is of strong odour- Nit ac 30
  • Bed wetting with worms infestation especially pinworm- Embe r 6


  • In general – Ferr ph 12x
  • In warm weather- Bry 30
  • Acute attack when bleeding is difficult to control- Meli 30, Crot-h 30
  • On coughing or blowing nose- Arn 200


  • All cases of recent origin. Fever with chill and rigors. Red streaks on the affected limb, swollen and painful, better on continued motion. affected limb stiff. restlessness. amelioration by constantly changing position- Rhus tox 30
  • Acute peroxysm of fever with chill and excessive thirst. affected limb better by pressure and rest. wants to lie down on the affected side.- Bry 30
  • Heat without thirst, inclination to uncover. burning hot, dry skin. oedematous swelling of the affected limb. intolerance of heat, slightest touch and worse during afternoon- Apis 30


  • Right sided headache especially over right eye, may be accompanied by vomiting- Sang 30
  • Right sided headache relieved by covering the head- Sil 30
  • Left sided headache- Spig 30
  • Bursting, violent headache with no apparent relief- Meli 30
  • Headache in tired women with disturbed menses- Sep 30
  • Right sided heache with blurring of vision before headache- Kali bi 30
  • Headache with vomiting especially sour and bilious- Iris-v 30
  • Headache in school girls- Calc ph 30
  • Headache increases with the sun worse from 10 am to 11 am and in the sun, feels hammering in the head – Nat mur 30


  • Sudden hoarseness with loss of voice, from exposure to dry cold weather, fever may be present- Acon 30
  • In the beginning of hoarseness due to catarrh extending to larynx- Ferr-p 12x, Kali-m 12x
  • Hoarseness with catarrhal symptoms especially in dry cold weather- Phos 30
  • Hoarseness from straining the voice- Ferr-pic6x
  • Hoarseness from paralysis of vocal chords- Caust 200
  • Painless hoarseness- Carb-v 200


  • Acrid discharge which causes corrosive burning of surrounding skin, offensive odour- Kreos 30
  • Yellowish, tenacious leucorrhoea with general weakness- Hydr 3x
  • In women who are continously tired, bearing down feeling in lower abdomen- Sep 30
  • Thick withish discharge with backache – Saraca- ind 6


  • Ill effects of grief and reproaches – Ign 200
  • Ailments from mortification and suppressed anger – Staph 200
  • Ailments from fright – Acon 200
  • Ailmemts from disappointed love- Hyos 200
  • Ailments after anger, vexation – Cham 200
  • Ailments when fear of death is marked – Acon 30
  • Suicidal thoughts- Aur 30
  • Mental depression with desire to weep- Puls 30
  • Nervousness due to examination – Anac 30


  • Nausea and vomiting especially when tongue is clean – Ip 30
  • Thirst for small quantities but very frequent, in gastroenteritis when vomiying and diarrhoea occur- Ars 30
  • Vomiting and purging with thirst for large quantities of water- Verat 30
  • Vomiting after overeating, especially spicy food- Nux vom 30
  • Vomiting of sour things with acid rising in stomach- Nat phos 30
  • Vomiting of milk in children- Aeth 30


  • Measels- Puls 30, Morb 200, Acon 200
  • Influenza- Ars 200
  • Typhoid- Ars 200, Bapt 30
  • Whooping cough- Petr 200, Dros 30
  • Diphtheria- Diph 200
  • Scarlet fever- Bella 30, Camph 30
  • Cholera – Verat alb, Cup met
  • Chicken pox- Malandrinum 200
  • Tetanus- Ledum 30, Hypericum 30
  • Anthrax- Anthracinum 200


  • Aggravation due to cold water- Sil 30
  • Aggravation on biting or chewing- Staph 30
  • Aggravation from warm drinks and food- Cham 30
  • Amelioration with cold water- Coff 30
  • Local application- Plantago Q
  • Before and after extraction of teeth, for stopping haemorrhage and stimulating healing. also when artificial denture hurts the jaw – Arn 200


  • Recurrent mouth ulcers- Sul-ac 30
  • Mouth ulcers with abnormal increase in salivation- Merc 200
  • Thrush in children- Bor 30
  • Mouth ulcers look like raw flesh- Nit-ac 30


  • As the first remedy especially when it is worse at night- Apis 30
  • Worse when warmed up from exercise or in the sun- Urt-u 30
  • Sudden violent attacks with violent itching and extensive redness- Bell 30
  • Urticaria in cold air- Rhus tox 30


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Dr. Pratibha Raturi MD (Scholar)
Baksons Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital

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