Author – Dr.Rohit Gupta, BHMS (Kolkata), MD (Hom) in Organon of Medicine.

A new, innovative & unique way of Allen’s Keynote Repertory (based on the method of Organon of Medicine, the concept of Modern medical science and ‘KEYNOTES ADVANCE & COMPLETE Materia medica & Lectures’ – 2.0 revised & upgraded edition of 122 years old ALLEN’s KEYNOTE)


1. Rubrics and sub-rubrics of Miasms, diathesis, susceptibility, tendency, etc.
2. Customized rubrics & sub-rubrics of body built.
3. Chapters of the ‘Second prescription’ & ‘Instructions’ for the prescription with the use of potency, tincture, etc.
4. Chapter ‘Emergency Medicine’ for the treatment of emergency cases in Clinics, Hospitals, ICUs & Trauma Centres in the future.
5. Rubrics for medicinal aid in Surgeries, Labor, and its side effects.
6. Follows all prescribing points which are guided in the Organon of Medicine with reference to aphorisms in the preface.
7. Follows the method of prescription of Dr.Hahnemann.
8. Converted signs & symptoms of drug proving into rubrics and sub-rubrics directly.
9. Follows the classical way as written in the Organon of Medicine and the clinical way as written in Modern Medical Science.
10. No vague rubrics like other repertories according to Modern medical science & Organon of Medicine.
11. Categorized mental rubrics & sub rubrics in Constitution & Mental diseases, as per the direction of the Organon of Medicine.
12. Many rubrics and sub-rubrics have a single remedy.
13. Helps and takes less time with a few rubrics for a prescription.
14. Sensations are related to particular and Feelings are related to the whole body.
15. A handy repertory, easy to carry.

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