Dr T K Jithesh

Homoeopathic Medicines made out of Lamiacaea group of plants and their preparation, properties and clinical indications

Important medicines
1. Coleus Aromaticus.
2. Collinsonia Canadesis.
3. Hedeoma Pulegioides..
4. Lamium Album. – Lamium Laevigatum.
5. Lamium Amplexicaule.*
6. Lamium Galeobdolum.* – Galeobdolum Luteum.
7. Lamium Maculatum.*
8. Lamium Purpureum.*
9. Leonurus Cardiaca.
10.Leucas Aspera.
11.Lycopus Virginicus.
12.Lycopus Europaeus. – Lycopus Aquaticus.
13.Mentha Aquatica.*
14.Mentha Arvensis.*
15.Mentha Piperita.
16.Mentha Pulegium.
17.Mentha Rotundifolia.*
18.Mentha Sylvestris.*
19.Mentha Viridis.
20.Menthol. – Mentha Arvensis.
21.Ocimum Canum.
22.Ocimum Caryophyllatum.
23.Ocimum Basilicum.*
24.Ocimum Micranthum.*
25.Ocimum Sanctum.
26.Origanum Majorana.- Origanum Hortensis.
27.Origanum Creticum
28.Origanum Dictamnus.*
29.Origanum Vulgare.*
30.Plectranthus Fruticosus.
31.Rosmarinus Officinalis.
32.Salvia Officinalis.
33.Salvia Pratensis.*
34.Salvia Sclarea.
35.Salvia Sonomensis.*
36.Salvia Verbenaca.*
37.Salvia Verticillata.*
38.Scutellaria Galericulata.*
39.Scutellaria Laterifolia. – Scutellaria Lateriflora.
40.Stachys Arvensis.*
41.Stachys Betonica.
42.Stachys Palustris.*
43.Stachys Sylvatica.*
44.Teucrium Botrys.*
45.Teucrium Chamaedrys.* – Chamaedrys.
46.Teucrium Marum Verum.
47.Teucrium Scordium.*
48.Teucrium Scorodonia.
49.Thymol – Thymus Vulgaris.
50.Thymus Serpyllum.
51.Thymus Vulgaris.*
Lavender ( External in Scabies )

Important remedies in brief

1. Coleus aromaticus :

  • Strangury. Frequent urging.
  • Suppression of urine.
  • Gonorrhoea, with burning sensation during and after urination.
  • Cystitis, chronic.
  • Vesical catarrh.

2. Collinsonia canadensis ;

  • Mind : Worse from slightest mental emotion or excitement.
  • Head : Dull frontal headache from suppressed haemorrhoids.
  • Rectum : Sensation of sharp sticks in rectum. Sense of constriction. Most obstinate constipation, with protruding haemorrhoids. Constipation during pregnancy; with membrneous dysmenorrhoea following labor. Painful bleeding piles. Alternate constipation and diarrhoea. itching of anus.
  • Female : Dysmenorrhoea. Pruritus vulvae. Prolapse of womb; swelling and dark redness of genitals pain on sitting down. Cold feeling in thighs after menstruation. sensation of swelling of labia and of clitoris.
  • Respiratosy : Cough from excessive use of voice. `Mnister’s sore throat’. sharp pain in larynx.
  • Heart : After heart symptoms relieved, piles or menses return. Chest pain alternate with haemorrhoids.

3. Hedeoma :

  • Throat :Sensation as if her breast were coming up into her mouth,- great difficulty in swallowing it, nearly took her breath away.
  • Stomach : Gastritis, Everything taken into stomach causes pain.
  • Tongue coated thin white.
  • Urine : Pain along left ureter. Dragging pain from kidney to bladder. Dull burning pain over left kidney. Burning irritation at neck of bladder causing frequent  intense desire to urinate and inability to retain urine for more than a few minutes,better urinating.
  • Female :Bearing down pains with much backache, worse least  movement or by the least food or drink.
  • Leucorrhoea with itching and burning.
  • Respiratory : Frequent periodical dyspnoea with oppression of thorax.
  • Extremities : Pain in thumb joint.
  • Pain in tendo-achilles,as if sprained with swelling.
  • Walking painful.

4. Lamium album.

  • Mind : Abandoned feeling.Great sadness with lachrymose humour.Restlessness.
  • Head : Backward and forward motion of head.
  • Headache < rising from sitting or stooping.
  • Stomach : Burning pain in oesophagus after eating.( middle of chest ) Nausea and vomiting.
  • Rectum : External piles.Hard stool with blood.
  • Urine : Urgent want with very scanty emission. Discharge of  serum from urethra.
  • Female : Menses, too early, too scanty.
  • Leucorrhoea, with biting sensation.
  • Leucorrhoea, profuse,painless, white mucous.
  • Respiratory : Want of breath when talking.
  • Extremities : Torpor and crawling numbness of back of hands, and of fleshy part of thumb < touch.
  • Blisters of heel from slight rubbing.Ulcers on heel.

5. Leonurus cardiaca

  • Tongue : Dry, coated or brownish white covered with cracks in arborescent arrangement, main crack down centre.
  • Stomach : Intense thirst, yet drinking more than a very slight quantity of water, warm or cold, provoked epigastric pains.
  • Abdomen : Pains, > drawing up legs, when lying on sides. ; when on back, > with legs outstraight.
  • Rectum : Stools dark brown at first, afterwards bloody – later stools contained larger quantities of blood, never any mucous.

6. Leucas aspera :

  • Asthma, Cough.
  • Jaundice. Enlargement of liver and spleen.
  • Bites of venemous animals; snake bite.

 7. Lycopus virginicus :

  • Eye : Protrusion, with tumultous action of heart.
  • Supraorbital pain with aching in testicles.
  • Heart: Rapid heart action of smokers. Precordial pain.
  • Hearts action tumultous and forcible. Palpitation from nervou irritation with oppression around heart.
  • Lowers the blood pressure, reduces the rate of the heart and increases the length of systole to a great degree. Haemoptysis due to valcular heart disease.
  • Throat : Exophthalmic goitre.
  • Respiratory : Cardiac asthma. Haemoptysis, bleeding small but frequent.
  • Urine : Profuse flow of limpid watery urine, especially when the heart is most irritable; also scanty urine. Bladder feels distended when empty. Diabetes.
  • Rectum : Haemorrhoids. Bleeding from rectum.

8. Mentha piperita ;

  • Mind : Eager for work, dispatches it quickly.
  • Nose : Tip of nose sore to touch.
  • Teeth : Toothache < sugar.
  • Throat : Dry, painful as if a pin stuck crosswise in pharynx.
  • Respiratory : Entire trachea from larynx to pit of throat painful.
  • Voice husky. cough < speaking, air, reading aloud, tobacco, smoke.
  • Extremities : Formication in arm and hand when writing.
  • Sleep : Wakes early.

9. Mentha pulegium :

  • Mind : < Thinking of complaints.
  • Head : Pain with lachrymation.
  • Female : Ecbolic.
  • Urine : Sharp cutting in region of left kidney.

10. Mentha viridis :

  • Urine : Scanty with frequent desire.

11. Menthol : ( From Mentha Arvensis )

  • Head : Frontal sinusitis.
  • Chest and Respiratory :
  • Stabbing pain in precordia,radiating over entire chest.
  • Short, dry, cough < smoking. Asthma with congestive headache.
  • Female : Pruritus vulvae.

12. Ocimum canum ;
Urine : Uric acid diathesis. Red sand in urine. Renal colic especially right sided. Urine highly acidic,formation of spike crystals of uric acid. Turbid, thick, purulent, with red or yellow sediment. Odor of musk. Cramps in   kidneys. Pain in ureters with nausea and vomiting.
Female : Vulva swollen.Nipples painful to least contact. Breasts feel full and tense; itching. Prolapses vaginae.

13. Ocimum caryophyllatum :
Urine : Frequent micturition., extreme burning during urination. Passage of pus with urine, haematuria.
Gonorrhoea, with burning during urination which is      mixed with pus.

14. Ocimum sanctum :

  • Mind : Falls asleep while answering.
  • Ear : Loud sound painful. Discharge watery or offensive pus.
  • Respiratosy : Nasal catarrh. Chest pain and throat pain while coughing. Can’t lie quiet in bed in asthma; pain in middle of sternum.
  • Fever : Influenza and fevers with cough.
  • Stool : Involuntary during high fever.
  • Diarrhoea in rainy weather.
  • Worm affections.
  • Urine : Involuntary urination of children. Burning while urinating. Frequent urging.

15. Origanum majorana :

  • Mind : Desire for active exercise, impelling her to run.
  • Nose : Tickling and sensation of constriction in tip of nose.
  • Urine : frequent urging to urinate, waking him from sleep.
  • Female : Erotomania with inclination to suicide., powerful lascivious impulses.
  • Leucorrhoea. Sterility.
  • Swelling and itching of nipples, with pain in breasts.

16. Plectranthus fruticosus :

  • Teeth : Pain with swelling of face and difficulty in opening mouth.
  • Rectum : Dischrge of white mucous provoking scratching of anus, followed by burning. Weakness of lower limbs after stools. Round worms.
  • Respiratory : stitches in pectoralis major, arresting breath.
  • Extremities : Crawling in ball of left thumb.
  • Right side more affected than left.

17. Rosmarinus officinalis : ( Herb of memory )

  • Mind : Memory deficient.
  • Head : Baldness.
  • Female : Violent pains followed by uterine haemorrhage and miscarriage.
  • Respiratory : Oppression of breathing, spasms in chest.
  • Fever : Chill with no subsequent heat.

18. Salvia officinalis :

  • Phthisis with night sweats and suffocating tickling cough.
  • Exerts a tonic influence on the skin.
  • Colliquative perspiration.

19. Scutellaria lateriflora :

  • Mind : Nervous sedative. Fear of some calamity. Nervous fear
  • Head : Explosive headache of school teachers with frequent urination. Headache < study. > motion.
  • Urine : Frequent micturition but quantity small. Difficulty in urination as if the muscles of urethra partially paralysed.
  • Male : seminal emission and impotency with fear of never being better.
  • Extremities : Chorea. Twitching of muscles. Must move about.
  • Generalities : Weakness after influenza.

20. Stachys betonica :
Urine : Woke with desire to urinate at night. Urine high coloured ; ammoniacal.
Respiratory : breathing oppressed as from paralysis of diaphragm; constriction just behind ensiform cartlage, on walking up hill, must keep mouth open.

21. Teucrium marum verum :

  • Mind : Irritability < eating.
  • Fatigue < even by hearing the conversation of others.
  • Irresistible inclination to sing.
  • Nose : Mucous polypus. Chronidc catarrh. Lose of smell.
  • Stomach : Constant hiccough with pain in back.
  • Respiratory : Dry cough; tickling in trachea. Mouldy taste in throat when hawking up mucous, expectoration profuse.
  • Rectum : Itching of anus. Ascarides.
  • Urine : Increased secretion of watery urine. Burning during  and after urination.
  • Female : Smooth, pedunculate, pear shaped polyps of vagina, protruding three inches beyond hymen.

22. Teucrium scorodonia :
Phthisis with mucopurulent expectoration.
Cavity in apex of lung.
Orchitis and tuberculous epidydymitis in young, thin, individuals with tuberculosis of lungs, glands, bones, and urogenitals.

23. Thymol :

  • Mind : Irritable, arbitrary,must have his own way.
  • Urine : Urinary burning and subsequent dribbling of urine.
  • Polyuria. Urates increased. Phosphates decreased.
  • Rectum : Specific for hookworm disease.

24. Thymus serpyllum :
Sorethroat worse empty swallowing.
Respiratory infections of children; dry nervous asthma; whooping cough,severe spassm but little sputum.

III. Action on urinary organs : Urine is frequent scanty in nature in most of the cases. The exceptions are   Lycopus,teucrium marum and Thymol, where the nature is profuse.

I. Action on respiratory system :
Most of them excites cough and dyspnoea. The cough is usually dry except in teucrium marum verum. Salvia officinalis and Teucrium scorodonia are indicatde in phthisis pulmonalis.

  1. Collinsonia canadensis : Cough from excessive use of voice.`minister’s sore throat’
  2. Hedeoma : Frequent periodical dyspnoea with oppression in chest.
  3. Lamium alba.: Want of breath when talking.
  4. Leucas aspera. :   Asthma.
  5. Lycopus virginicus.: Cardiac asthma. Haemoptysis,scanty but frequent.
  6. Mentha piperita.: Voice husky. Cough<talking,smoking,reading.
  7. Menthol.: Cough,short,dry < smoking. Asthma with congestive headache.
  8. Ocimum sanctum : Throat and chest pain on coughing. Can’t lie quiet in bed during asthma.
  9. Plectranthus.:    Stitches in pectoralis major,arresting breathing.
  10. Rosmarinus : Oppression in breathing, spasms in chest.
  11. Salvia officinalis. : Tickling cough in phthisis.
  12. Stachys betonica.Breathing oppressed as from paralysis of diaphragm. On walking up hill, must keep mouth open.
  13. Teucrium marum verum : Dry cough. Mouldy taste in mouth on hawking up mucous expectoration.
  14. Teucrium scorodonia. : Phthisis with mucopurulent expectoration.
  15. Thymus serpyllum. Respiratory infections of children. Dry, nervous asthma. Whooping cough, severe spasm but little sputum.

II. Action on female genitalia :
Most of them produces swelling of the parts with actual bearing down or bearing down pains.
1.Collinsonia canadensis. :

  • Dysmenorrhoea.
  • Pruritus vulvae.
  • Prolapse uterus.
  • Swelling and redness of genitals, pain < sitting.
  • Swollen sensation of clitoris.

2. Hedeoma. :

  • Bearing down pain with backache,< motion.
  • Leucorrhoea, itching, burning.

3. Lamium alba.

  • Menses early, scanty.
  • Leucorrhoea,with biting.
  • Leucorrhoea, painless, profuse, white mucous.

4. Mentha Pulegium Ecbolic.

5. Menthol.: Pruritus vulvae.

6. Ocimum canum : Vulva swollen. Prolapses vagina. Nipples painful to least contact.

7. Origanum majorana : Leucorrhoea. Sterility. Swelling and itching of nipples, with pain in breasts. Erotomania.

8. Rosmarinus : Violent pains followed by miscarriage.

9. Teucrium marum verum : Polypus in vagina.

Dr T K Jithesh   BHMS,MD(Hom)
Medical Officer, Dept. of Homoeopathy, Govt. of  NCT Delhi


  1. Collinsonia key issue is pelvic venous congestion mostly emotional females mind excited evening night weak rapid heart pulse or those who sit down for long time at a stretch as in office job,rectal area sandy feel frontal headache with some nausea and lower bowel area cutting pain knee pain hand arm rheumatic pain,mostly constipated intestine atony pharyngeal catarrah.clinical use painful bleeding piles painful menstruation proctitis vulva dark red swelling.weak heart use high potency for circulation piles etc improvement pelvic area 12c to 30c.comparing anxiety 1am is arsenic who morning feel face swelled evening feel feet swelled and sepia portal congestion brownie spots nose area liver inefficient.anxiety fear emotions trauma shocks safety business worry etc are many factors homeopaths figure out and select remedy takes time requires experience many say we do not have time for such personal interrogation then be bold remove fear anxiety etc yourself.collinsonia improves blackness below eyes.

  2. collinsonia piles irritate heart whose force is weak but quick pulse,hale says clears congestion of portal veins kidney pelvic region so best for treating piles,hamamelis and collinsonia in low potency 6c repeated may cure most pile cases later on improvement high potency aesculus can be used.

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