Lesser known specific Homoeopathic medicines for bronchial asthma

Dr Mahima  Susan Joseph

ASCLEPIAS TUBEROSA:  Respiration painful, esp. at base of l. lung.Breath smells like pepper.Humid asthma; <after eating: < after smoking a little.Oppression and difficulty of breathing; 

ANTIFEBRINUM: Severe dyspnea, the patient seized and clenched the hands of those around him. He felt as if the diaphragm had ceased working and he must go on breathing on his own account at any cost.

ARMORACEA SATIVA: Nncreases activity of respiratory organs.Mucous asthma, and consumption.Oedema of lungs.Chest painful to touch.

CHLORUM: Sudden Dyspnoea from spasms of the vocal cords, with protruding eyes, blue face, cold sweat. Inspiration free but Can Not Exhale. Asthma of hay fever. As if air were forced into upper chest.

DERRIS PINNATA: Feeling of suffocation with fetid breath; must sit up in bed at night.Cramp-like pains, and lancinations behind sternum. 

ELECTRICITAS: Asthma, sometimes lasting for life, with palpitation of the heart, and disposition to syncope; oppression of the chest. 

ERIODICTYON GLUTINOSUM:  Wheezing voice, 5 p.m. Asthmatic symptoms; with coryza and mucous secretions.Dull pain in r. lung, front.  near nipple, occurring at short intervals or on sudden changes of position.

GUAREA: Breathing, sobbing; difficult during chill.Sensation of hollowness and dilatation of chest.Respiratory symptoms <from putting hand to throat

GADUS MORRHUA: Fits of wheezing cough with pain deep in chest.  Very.Breath short, laborious; as if air passages were closed. Rush of blood to chest, without palpitation. Lumps seem adherent to parietes.Sharp pains, burning shootings, 2 p.mSharp pains running through chest; not <by walking, though renewed on first movement

GALVANISMUS: Cough, dry; humid; with patients who have tubercles the nodosites speedily soften and break, and the fatiguing cough disappears.Difficult respiration; asthma (c) respiration deep, slow, rattling.Respiration impeded by  each shock

HIPPOZAENINUM: Noisy breathing; loud snoring respiration before fatal termination; breath fetid.Cough and obstructed respiration, resulting from cicatricial contraction of mucous membrane of nose and larynxPatients cough severely and expectorate profusely, sputa usually bearing a strong resemblance to the discharge from the nostrils, size of millet seed to a pea, of a grey, yellowish, or reddish colour.

LACTUCA: Spasmodic asthma.Sudden anxiety, with dyspnœa and sweat, followed by stool and relief of that and other complaints.Inclined to take a deep breath: with hollowness of chest; with constriction in fauces and chest.Asthma,< or caused by dust

LINUM USITATISSIMUM: Picture of an aggravated case of bronchial asthma; it was with the most extreme effort that I could breathe.Livid, and struggles for breath; her friends thought she was dying.

MANCINELLA: Whistling breathing.Asthma, chronic.Frequent hawking with nauseaViolent cough and painful stitches in trachea from slightest exertion.Cough: < night; after drinking.Expectoration > oppression of chest.

NAPHTHALINUM: SpasmodicSpasmodic asthma; better in open air. Soreness in chest and stomach; must loosen clothing. Dyspnœa and sighing inspiration. Emphysema in the aged with asthma. Whooping-cough, long and continued paroxysms of coughing, unable to get a respiration. Acute laryngo-tracheitis.

PECTEN: Quick, laboured breathing; cannot lie flat or on left side; constriction of chest, especially right side. Attacks preceded for two or three days by sneezing and excessive coryza; burning sensation in throat and chest; fulness of head; pulse very quick and wiry; subsequently copious expectoration of tough, stringy, and frothy mucus. Cough < after 6 p.m. Symptoms < at night. 

PULMO VULPIS: Accelerated short breath amounting to suffocation, even without corresponding heaving of the chest, frequently with cough and inability to expectorate. [Sometimes, in light cases, there is no catarrh present, and only persistent shortness of breath, becoming a paroxysm of asthma on the least bodily exertion.] The patient could only live sitting up, bent forward; constant lividity of face, lips, and extremities, and dropsy of legs. 

SILPHIUM LACINATUM: Cough with expectoration profuse, stringy, frothy, light-colored. Excited by sense of mucus rattling in chest and worse by drafts of air. Constriction of lungs. Catarrh, with copious, stringy, mucous discharges. Desire to hawk and scrape throat. Irritation of posterior nares, involving mucous membranes of nasal passages with constriction of supra-orbital region

TEREBINTHINA: Breath short, hurried, and anxious.Choking sensation (worms).Emphysema.Cough as if a foreign body had entered larynx, spasmodic inspiration.─Dry, hacking cough.─Voice gone.─Expectoration streaked with blood.─Respiration impeded by congestion of lungs.

VERBASCUM THAPSUS: Hoarse; voice deep, harsh; sounds like a trumpet; “basso profundo”. Cough; worse at night. Asthma. Soreness in pharynx, cough during sleep.

XANTHOXYLUM: Shortness of breath; no appetite; bowels constipated; urine light-coloured, alkaline, sp. gr. 1025; fluttering in stomach, pain in l. side; limbs weak and bloated.Had to sit up in bed and turn first one way, then another, as in a severe fit of asthma, with several spasmodic coughing spells.Thought she could not get air enough into lungs, inspiration was so difficult.

Other remedies 


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Dr Mahima  Susan Joseph

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