Liliacae family Homoeopathy remedies

Only one family in the materia medica belonging to class monocotyledon. The peculiar modification is seen in the stems which are are rhizomes, corns or bulbs. Leaves reduced to spine when stems take up the function of leaves

Main drugs belonging to this family

  1. Aloe socotrina- socotrine aloes
  2. Allium cepa- common red onion
  3. Allium sativum- garlic
  4. Trillium pendulum- white beth root, wake robin
  5. Scilla maritime- sea onion
  6. Ornithagallum umbellatum- star of bethlehem
  7. Helonias diodica- unicorn
  8. Convallaria majalis- lilly of valley
  9. Lililum tigrinum- tiger lily
  10. Colchicum autumnale – meadow saffron
  11. Paris quadifolia- one berry, true love
  12. Asparagus officianlis- common garden asparagus
  13. Sarsaparilla- smilax
  14. Sabadilla- cevadilla
  15. Veratrum viride- white american helleborus
  16. Veratrum album- white helleborus
  17. Agraphis nutans –blue bell

Can be studied into groups

Catarrhal group- allium cepa, sabadilla,asparagus, scilla, colchicum, veratrum, paris q

Git gr- aloes, allium sat, colch, veratrum alb, ornithogallen,

Gut gr- helonias, trillium, lil tig, sarasap

Cardiac gr- convallaria, lil tig


1) Human conflict– this group follows the evolution of human psyche and its conflicts

Conflict between sex and religion

As the human being evolved for his animal ancestors he learnt to control his instincts, the wild, uncontrolled animal side of his & become more controlled, civilized, moral spiritual, seeking salvation ultimately. But along with it he was gifted with the feeling of guilty, feelings of a criminal or a sinner of doom if he behaved otherwise.the story starts with aloes- where there is sense of insecurity & want of confidence of the sphincters.

In the history of alliums -from ancient times garlic& onions are prohibited for religious & moral people. They are considered below dignity of vulgar or impure if used in diet. They are believed to produce devil like lilium tig & vat. Alb this conflict reaches its peak- there is sexual excitement, extreme obscenity & lewd behaviour.

But at the same time there is a strong sense of guilt, religious apprehension, anxiety about salvation & fear of disease and death.

Troubled conscience & delusion of doom leads to either intense restlessness, desire to keep busy & lot of efforts made to suppress those ‘unwanted-feelings, > company & > exercise  or constant motion < alone.

 thus the story of liliaceous is of the split between the sensuality & spirituality

2) egotism & high self esteem. < contradiction & will not receive suggestions. All these followed by fear of losing ones own position, fear of falling & downward motion. A/f wounded honor.

3)thus it all revolves round the tug of war between the pure & impure, the divine & the devil, the moral & immoral aspects of our existence & the day either one side become more powerful the indications of liliaceae becomes clearer.

4) stasis– not only in venous system but also in general life style with tendency to excess in habits, resulting into the need to be active or have a qualities of a cleanser of the system


  • Forced out
  • Excluded, left out
  • they are not interested in me”
  • “i’m neglected”
  • Constricted
  • Constrained

Passive reaction

  • Must hold on tight
  • Lil-t – fear to be alone, wants to hold mother’s hand
  • Sabad – will fall if doesn’t hold on
  • Helon – must hold abdomen
  • Verat – wildness, must be held

Active reaction

  • Must move

Physical symptoms

1) Catarrhal group -an which remedies mainly affect the mucosa or serosa, membranes lining the upper respiratory tract, git, & synovium of the joints leading to profuse discharges like coryza, diarrhea, vomiting leads to collapse

2) Cardiac group affecting the heart. Angina, ventricular dilatation, irregular beats or palpitation, dyspnoea,. Dropsy with compressed feeling

3) Stasis – venous or portal stasis-  congestion – dragging; full heavy ,forced out sensation, also causes extreme soreness. Sensitive to touch & jar < hard step > rest.

4) Urogenital system affection – affecting rectum and urinary system causing incontinence, dysuria, gravel formation. Uterine prolapse, multiple menstrual problems etc.

5) Brain & nerves affection- violent congestion, convulsions, neuralgias with thread like pains etc.

6) have voracious appetite, gluttony type,

7)a/f sedentary habits or excess at table or sexual excess.

8) Desire or amelioration meat

9) ) Offensive discharges is also prominent.

10) Some of the remedies are useful in purifying the complexion, blood or generative organs.- allium sat, sarasaparilla, lil tig

11) Sensitive to odors


  1. dr hale says convallaria q to 2x for females ovary excited with quick pulse weak force irregular pulse in comparison neatby says veratrum vir laboured breathing slow pulse due to vagus stimulation.hyperthriod quick pulse responds to lycopus low potency.

  2. veratrum viride is valuable in severe congestion of lungs due to sudden pneumogastric nerve paralysis as in pneumonia in plethoric persons pulse under hard tension severe headache,life saving avoids apoplexy but is different from belladona where there is cerebral involvement and high fever.clear cut notes are given by dr sn watson ,dr hw pierson treatment pneumonia,in print at homoeopathy recorder journals.dr eli g jones says hand is instrument of diagnosis in veratrum viride there is red veinlets in eyes,nash told red streak centre tongue.some doctors use it in routine for essential hypertension along with cratagus q.,nausea cold sweat are accompany symptoms.rather in homeo cure for pneumonia dr wh pierson homoeo recorder 1916 has given exact details for different category of vital force.

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