Listening to Stone Wood Shell by Anne Schadde Juergen Hansel

flower (6)Book review by Dr Sunila BHMS,MD(Hom)

Authors : Anne Schadde Juergen Hansel

Anne Schadde 
practices homoeopathy in Munich/ Germany since 1986. With her first proving of Ozone (1997) she began to follow the tradition of homoeopaths to add new proving information to the already existing Materia Medica.


Dr. Juergen Hansel practices homoeopathy in Munich/ Germany since 1983. Homoeopathic provings have been part of his seminar work.

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Book  Published by: HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL PUBLISHERS, 201 Dinar, 20, Station Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai- 400 054, India.

In this book they incorporated the provings of 6 rare remedies. They are:

Lapis lazuli, the blue stone: symbol for purity & rarity. In ancient times, it was as precious as gold. In Buddhist tradition it is the colour of the Medicine Buddha. It lowers blood pressure & is antispasmodic.

Lithium carbonicum

Ephedra sinica: supposedly the main ingredient of the ancient ecstatic power drink Soma called ‘Vine of immortality’ by Hindus.

Ginkgo biloba: Darwin called the Ginkgo tree a ‘living fossil’, in mythology Ginkgo is the ‘tree of life’ or in symbolim the leaf has been worshiped for centuries as a symbol of love.

Lignum aquilaria agallocha: very old wood of fumigation: the Bibilical wood Aloe or Eagle wood.

Cypraea eglantina (Cowrie snail): antique cultures attached supernatural powers to the Cowrie snail.

The proving of Anne Schadde & Dr. Juergen Hansel incorporated all the advancements in the proving method. The book is aptly named “Listening to Stone, Wood & Shell”.

They have given a study of the substance itself, its properties, its place in nature, its survival strategy, its reference in the human history, its proving, summary& Repertory under each drug.

The proving symptoms are usually based on observations made by the provers and in some cases observation made by the supervisors about their provers.

Listening to stone, wood and shell will help us listen to our patients and give chance to prescribe correct remedy. These proving may give us some idea about healing power of these remedies.

Interestingly they have chosen substances that are relatively silent in nature, static & seemingly inert. These proving, well done, well written &well arranged, will undoubtedly prove to be valuable tools in our practice.

Dr Sunila BHMS,MD(Hom)
Calicut. Kerala
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