LMHI conference 2017 at Argentina

We invite you to witness part of the Congress of the lMHI organized by the medical school in Argentina in homeopathic streaming mode.
In a job in conjunction with the homeopathic medical school in Argentina will be issued the following events, by way of presentation of the platform for distance education which will be inaugurated in 2017.
To attend must connect the days and times specified in the Facebook page of the Congress (www.facebook.com/lmhi2016)
We hope to see you all!
Opening Ceremony, exhibitors:
Dr. Silvia Market / President of the federation of Argentine Homeopathic Medical Associations, famha
Dr. Eduardo Bitis / President of the Argentine Homeopathic Medical school
Dr. Gustavo Cataldi / President of the 71th Congress of the Homeopathic Medical League International
Dr. Renzo Galassi / President of the Homeopathic Medical League International

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