Major amendments to BHMS Syllabus in 2014 admission

doctors (3)These regulations may be called the Homoeopathy (Degree Course) Amendment Regulations 2014.

These regulations, shall apply to students who shall be admitted for BHMS (Degree Course) from the commencement of the academic session 2014 (waiting gazette notification)

Provided that a candidate for admission to BHMS course shall be eligible if he has passed in English and in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects at the qualifying examination thus fulfilling eligibility criteria.;

First year means 12 months only

Final year means one and half years

First year exam only in the following subjects

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology &
  • Homoeopathy Pharmacy

Only 35 hours for Materia Medica & Organon in First year

No Practice of Medicine classes in second year

Homoeopathy Pharmacy has 2 papers: 100 mark each

No additional batch/Supplementary batch system
The candidate shall pass I-BHMS examination in all the subjects atleast one term (6 months) before he is allowed to appear in the Second BHMS examination provided that he has passed in the subjects of Anatomy and Physiology (including Biochemistry) examinations two terms (12 months) before he is allowed to appear in the Second BHMS examination”.

A candidate who appears at First, Second, Third or Fourth BHMS examination but fails to pass in the subject or subjects he shall be re-admitted to the next examination in the subject or subjects (Theory and Practical including oral/practical wherein he has failed”

The University/Examining Authority shall have the discretion to award grace marks at the maximum to 10 marks in total if a student fails in one or more subjects”

Each college shall impart teaching and training to all the students in all the classes for theory and practical including tutorial and seminar for minimum of 7 working hours on a working day (including ½ an hour of lunch).”

Changes in Syllabus
Many additions and corrections to all the 12 subjects of BHMS Syllabus

Students should not be burdened with minute anatomical details which have no clinical significance.

Though dissection of the entire body is essential for the preparation of the student for his clinical studies, the burden of dissection can be reduced and such saving of time can be effected, A good part of the theoretical lectures on anatomy can be transferred to tutorial classes with demonstrations.

The teaching of Anatomy, Physiology including Bio-chemistry shall be integrated.

The written papers in Anatomy shall be distributed as follows:-

Paper I – General Anatomy, Head, face, neck, brain, upper extremities and Embryology.

Paper II – Thorax, abdomen, pelvis, lower extremities and Histology.

Physiology & Biochemistry
Paper-I : Elements of Biophysics, Body lymph, Cardiovascular system, Reticuloendothelial system, spleen, Respiratory system Excretory System, Skin,regulation of body temperature, sense organs.

Paper-II : Endocrine organs, nervous system, nerve muscles physiology, Digestive system and metabolism, Biochemistry , Nutrition.

Paper – I: Growth of Pharmacy in relation to National Economy, Study of Pharmacy in relation to Organon of Medicine & Materia Medica, General Concepts & Orientation, Raw Materials-Drugs and Vehicles.

Paper-II: Homoeopathic Pharmaceutics, Pharmaco-dynamics, quality control, legislations related to Pharmacy.

Materia Medica
No Materia Medica Exam in 1st Year
Application of Materia Medica should be demonstrated from case-records in the outdoor and the indoor. Lectures on comparative Materia Medica and therapeutics as well as tutorials should be integrated with lectures on clinical medicine.

Community Medicine
Included in III & IV BHMS
Examinations in IV BHMS only

Practice of Medicine
No Practice of Medicine classes in second year

Paper/Mark Division

  • Only two papers for OBG, Surgery & PM
  • In both surgery paper : 50% mark for therapeutics
  • In both OBG paper : 40% mark for therapeutics

Case taking & Repertory from third year onwards
Basic repertories (Kent, Boger,TPB) & case taking in third year &  Modern repertories (Synthesis, Murphy etc) in fourth BHMS

Attendance: 75% attendance at the minimum in each of the subjects (in theory and practical including clinical) for appearing in the University examinations shall be compulsory”.

Migration during internship training shall not be allowed on any ground.

All applications for migration during the course & internship shall be referred to Central Council of Homoeopathy by college authorities. No institution/University shall allow migrations directly without the approval of the Central Council.

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  1. A Candid & Considerate Reflection on current state of Homoeopathy
    In esse, ex tactito, tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illises.

    Science and Knowledge has ever-changing dynamic trait of the Nature. So, whatever was the present truth of past may not be a necessarily truth of present.
    As regards existential reality, scientists merely know about only 4-6% up till now. While whole medical fraternity knows about health, diseases and cure even less than 4-6%; however, we often claim that, we have greatest amount of knowledge concerning every episode of life and existential reality. Ever since the humankind has come into existence, he is in the hunt of immortality and good health. Consequently, in order to take care of the health and survival, several disciplines came into existence. But, they have failed to achieve their task. The medical faculty is one of them and it has several branches in itself. Out of these branches, Homœopathic medical science is one of them. It is a most unprivileged faculty in the medical field because it has not been updated since its father Dr. Hahnemann departed from this planet earth.
    In fact any faculty of science cannot be precisely perfected over night despite Herculean efforts. Therefore, every science ought to be updated frequently with the time and maturity as knowledge transpires in our society and growth occurs in our system. The Homœopathy cannot be exception to rule; however, if you say it is science. Although the same phenomenon can also be perceived within annals of medicine, as such it is obviously evident; yet, Homœopaths arrogantly have a feeling that, the field of Homœopathy is exception to rule. Therefore, it seems that, we didn’t update and upgrade our science of healing so far. And so, we failed to draw the adequate attention desired in general. This resulted into the lack of common as well as political supporters. In its turn, it generated paucity as to adequate development of this science. Yet, some aplastic Homœopaths still pluming for themselves on its antiquity and imagine that, it possesses the most scientific basis; however, actually it is struggling for its existence. I shall exemplify that how it fallen short in context of present scenario, which is due to nonappearance of up-gradation process in this healing science.
    Although more than one-hundred-seventy years had been elapsed away so far, since death of Dr. Hahnemann yet, in order to update and upgrade our knowledge, provided by him, as per understanding of 18th -19th centuries, hardly anyone of his followers tried to look deeply, considerately and sincerely into the matter of fact. In this regard, hardly anyone of his followers, in harmony with the latest ever understanding, tried to bring out much more comprehensible knowledge — the knowledge that has already been acquired global recognition and advancing rapidly in the field of medical science. The era of 21st century is the space era of naño technology. The biological scientists over the globe have reached to a common opinion that, “each and every activity of every living organism is governed by the preprogrammed genetic constitution GC of entity, which consists of GENES, even the death of each cell (apoptosis) is preprogrammed well.” (A discovery that won the Noble laurels in the year 2002 AD). Such developments came into light following the Whole Genome Sequencing WGS (decoding of Genome) as well as Whole Exome Sequencing WES and got universal recognition related to fact of entity.
    Hahnemann at that time in his 6th edition of ‘Organon’ could incorporate all those findings which he could recognize through his own determination and inferences. In order to incorporate all the curative attributes of medicinal and non-medicinal substances, he experimented on nearly ninety-nine substances. During his lifespan, he scrutinized the past records of pathogenic attributes of several other substances too. Now, it’s our social and moral responsibility that, as a true follower of his notions, in the light of most contemporary understanding, we should carry on his initiated framework furthermore ahead. But, in this regard, we are still sitting quite comfortably showing our apathetic attitude. We are still assuming that, and believe; merely his accepted wisdom and superior inscriptions shall ceaselessly fulfill the everlasting needs of entire existing and forthcoming generations of the sickened population. So, that, there is no need to update and upgrade our earlier world view furthermore or healing science of Homœopathy.
    We never think it fit that we ought to assimilate latest ever facts and findings in our literature — the facts that have already been emerged in the fields of medical science and acquired global acceptance. We never think about those changes that have taken place during the last more than one-hundred-seventy years in the field of medical science and we must also update and upgrade our knowledge or ourselves or update our own literature furthermore. A great change has taken place during this period. At times, you may also think of that, since Homœopathy has founded on most eternal laws of Nature, namely, on the most fundamental or unchangeable laws of Nature; so, it is an unnecessary and useless task to update our science of healing furthermore. Indeed, then, I shall be obliged to defy against such deliberations and drastically declare that, it’s nothing more than foolery in the fool’s paradise, which never comes true at all. Actually, it’s merely a dream of mirage that never comes true; instead, it’s going to prove a suicidal act for whole Homœo-physician’s fraternity.
    The trait of curiosity in a rational human being doesn’t only oblige him to hunt down beneficial elements to life, in favour of humanity, but it also abstain him from quitting down any of his ongoing missions. Thus, he continuously tries to discover newer dimensions into day-to-day occurrences of life. As a result, the great innovative things come into light. Thereupon doesn’t only he get updated and upgraded himself, by attaining a great knowledge, but he also updates other members of the society by disseminating his acquired knowledge, for the betterment of entire humanity. Without disparaging the services of millions of physicians, which they rendered to whole sickened humanity, I shall occupy myself here merely with the realistic approach related to the medication of precious human life, especially, using Homœopathy. I couldn’t understand why current students of Homœopathy, who are expected to be scientific in nature, alas, as has hitherto taught with archaic manuals, which shouldn’t be, do not ask for the up-gradation of this science; and that, why should they accept obsolete manuscripts? I shall pass by unnoticed, the despicable examples cited by Hahnemann in the 6th edition of ‘Organon’, as they are not practiced now in this current phase of extreme evolution.
    The prevailing modes of management of the diseases in the time of Hahnemann were really cruel, horrible and depriving; as it they were evidently felt and perceived by the sickened individuals of that time. Consequently, in reflection to all that, in order to oppose and defy against all those devastating systems effectively, it was necessary and inevitable also that one should arose and defy against all those happenings. It was done by Hahnemann however by introducing a new upgraded notion in the field of medical science. Overall, he revolutionized prevailing circumstances of that time; however, for the betterment of entire sickened and moaning humanity. Presently, although the situations are not remained the same as it were in the time of Hahnemann — following the law of Nature, ‘the change is rule of universe’, they have changed significantly; yet some important steps are still to be taken again for the up gradation of Homœopathy. In context of present scenario, for the same cause, a revolutionary step has taken-up by me as it was immediately required.
    No scientific system can be ever made or tailored in such a way that it would never require any rectification or up-gradation. In context of current understanding, if you study ‘Organon’, with a scientific attitude, you will find there are lots of unscientific elements existing in the manuscript; and that, Hahnemann obviously had often made a lot of speculations that bear no scientific reasoning. Methinks, therefore, any science, if it is science at all or you say it is science, ought to be updated time to time as per increased knowledge and current understanding.
    Looking at the present phase of extreme evolution and advancement in the field of medical science, methinks, the statement of Dr. Dudgeon and his views is not only very pertinent here to mention but it also a very important and decisive message necessary to consider the values of growth and evolution. His views obligate us to adapt ourselves to the current situations. In favour of up-gradation of our healing science and knowledge, it has attained a greater importance than ever before. Dr. Dudgeon was the main translator of ‘Organon of medicine’. For the Hahnemann’s up-gradation and his views, in the march 1893 AD i.e. 120 years ago, he described in his translator’s preface that: “His denunciation of practice of the old School, though quite deserved when he wrote, is not applicable to the present condition of Allopathic medicine”.
    The question is that, if Dr. Dudgeon even at that time could declare his appreciation about allopathic mode of medication, then why we cannot today? Given that, it has much more evolved and advanced today than ever before. Therefore, it is much more considerable and relevant here now. Yet, we are still breathing in 18th-19th century and reading 6th edition of ‘Organon’ with a great proud of being a member of a very new scientific mode of medication as well as criticizing and cursing old school of medicines so far — the allopathy. Instead, we must update and upgrade ourselves up to this point of time. I am neither in favour of allopathic mode of medication nor appreciating it to have permission from anybody to allow practice allopathic drug to Homœopaths instead Homœopathic medication. However, I am appreciating it because of tremendous growth they have achieved via theirs substantial hard work and labour, which is really admirable.
    As regards development and up-gradation, even before the death of Dr. Hahnemann, the Homœopaths were got divided into two parts. The one group considers itself as a real representative of pure Hahnemannian’s Homœopathy and recognizes that the Master is the only and ultimate authority. Whilst, other one called itself as ‘scientific Homœopaths’ and recognizes that the Hahnemann is a great innovator but did not considers him as an infallible authority or at least hesitated to enquire his opinions. Even if thought of ‘scientism’ and relation thereof to the Homœopathy was cleared by Dr. James Krauss but it was actually evolved during the second half of 19th century or early 20th century. It was largely because of the increasing individual consciousness or efforts of the ‘scientific Homœopaths’ — the so-called second group of the Homœopaths. They greatly encouraged more inquiries into the subject in question and exploration task. They greatly encouraged the creative writings as well as enriched our literary legacy and enhanced and advanced the up-gradation process in favour of practical Homoeopathy.
    The following few facts and points must be observed without any delay.
    1. On account of extreme advancement in the field of medical science, his inferential views do not find any harmony with the current understanding.
    2. In context of present scenario, they don’t provide any realistic view, and so, they do not withstand anymore.
    3. Therefore, we should have to introspect right now and choose our appropriate way.
    4. In order to update and upgrade ourselves we ought to update our knowledge.
    5. We must also upgrade our literary legacy, because it has not been done since then.
    6. If up-gradation was not necessary at all, then why he made several emendations in his own earlier editions of ‘Organon’; whereupon several editions came into existence. If it was not necessary, indeed, he might have never done it then.
    I don’t feel necessary at this juncture that, I must elaborate much more about the ‘PROTOCOL OF LIFE & NAÑO MEDICINES’. Remember! Appraisal and acceptance of shortcomings and mistakes is the key of evolution. Therefore, in order to sort-out incompatible elements existing in the ‘Organon’ as well as inconsistency therein, we will have to look deeply at its manuscript. But, before determine all those elements; we should have to look at latest ever developments and understanding prevailing in the current scenario. It is similar to that, if you want to discover any abnormality in the any organ, before initiation of any investigation, you must know all about that organ and what is normal organ.
    Therefore before undertaking any up-gradation task or resolving problem, which may encounter during the study of ‘Organon’, along with history of medicine as well as ‘similia’ we should have to look at the latest ever understanding, prevailing in the current medical scenario. Only then we may become capable of accomplishing our desired task in a much better way. In following few chapters, we will look at all the aforementioned issues. We will look at history of medicine as well as ‘similia’ and the latest ever understanding existing in the medicine. But before disclosing my findings to the scientific world and/or what I have got during my exploration task, firstly I should have to examine myself. I should have to scrutinize my own acquired knowledge as well as, consequently, emerged issues in the ‘Organon’, in context of present scenario. For this purpose therefore, I should have to take a deep dip into the Ocean of our extant knowledge as well as ever-changing futurities. Only then we may become capable of recognizing the truth of life. Only then we may become successful in addressing the issues, emerged in the Homœopathic healing science. And, only then we may provide precise answers to each of them.

  2. No dissection. No autopsy. No delivery. No surgery no pharmacy training yet two or three papers..!!!!!!!!!!. No indoor .no full o.p.d. Yet homoeopathic colleges is great. Give a.t.k.t. to & organon from 1 st to 4th b.h.m.s continue onwards afterall final year m.m.and organon covers all syllabus of this two subjects. No body will hear this good suggestions.

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