Man in Disease Question Papers – Kerala University

Part.1 Common to all branches
Paper.11 Man in Disease
Time : 3 hrs Marks 100

2010 December

1. What are the characteristics of Tumours which categorise neoplasms into Benign and Malignant.
Give their miasmatic evaluation ?      15

2. Describe the cellular responses to injury. Mention its miasmatic concept and correlate with susceptibility.   15

3. Describe various concepts of Disease.  15

4. “Miasms are most important factor in Homoeopathic practice” – Discuss.  15

5. Write short notes on : (4×10=40 Marks)

  • a) Heredity
  • b) Cholesterol
  • c) Haemosideresis
  • d) Exudation.

Sept 2007

1. Describe the Cause of disease as per Hahnemann with suitable example. Add a note on acute miasm.1 5

II. Describe  the aetiopathogenesis, lab diagnosis  and complications of lepromatous leprosy.15

III. Describe the aetiopathogenesis, clinical fèatures and complications of chronic renal failure.15

IV. Describe the life cycle of entamoeba  and clinical features and  complications of amoebiasis.1 5

V. Write short notes on:

  • I ) Chemical mediators of inflammation.
  • 2) Pancoast tumor.
  • 3)Lab diagnosis of typhoid.
  • 4)Hazards  of  immunization.           (4x 10=40 Marks)
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