Man in Health Question Papers – Kerala University

MD (Homeopathy) Degree Examinations June 2006
Part.1 Common to all branches
Paper.11 Man in Health
Time : 3 hrs   Marks 100

Sept 2007

I.Define blood pressure, discuss the various neuro—humoral mechanism of arterial pressure regulation.   20

II. Explain the origin course and applied anatomy of the optic nerve.   15

II. What are the various clotting factors ? ‘Write in detail about the extrinsic pathway of coagulation. 1 5

IV. Write short notes:

  • a) Knee joint.
  • b) ECG.
  • c) Blood groups.
  • d)Vitamin A.      20

V. Briefly explain the major theories of personality. What are the different technique to assess personality ?      20

V I. Write short notes:   1 0

  • a) Span of attention.
  • b) Sensation and perception.

December 2010

1. Explain the gross anatomy of Hepato-billiary system and its blood supply.           15

2. Explain the structure and composition of Pituitary gland.    15

3. Explain briefly the following:

  • a) Significance of Renal function tests
  • b) Mechanism of coagulation
  • c) Importance of Lung volumes and capacities
  • d) Clinical application of ECG         20

4. Discuss in brief the mechanism of Hearing. What is the clinical application of Audiometry? 20

5. Discuss the different theories of Learning. Explain the effective methods of Learning.       15

6. Give a short account of the development of the different schools of psychology.  15

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