Mass Media Cell of Department of Homoeopathy Govt of Kerala

Dr Mansoor Ali

Do you know, Why homoeopathy is more popular in Kerala, comparing to any state in India?

Only because of public awareness. Common people, politicians, policymakers and bureaucrats are aware of the potential of Homoeopathy.

Instead of conducting mega homoeopathy seminars – we need public awareness programmes. If people want homoeopathy – politicians, policymakers and bureaucrats will support us.

Here another good news from Kerala – Department initiated a Mass Media Cell at the district and state level  – to create public awareness about the various projects of Department of Homoeopathy across Kerala, giving advertisement in press and media, IEC (Information Communication Technology) and to counter false allegations against the system.

The famous film director and DMO of Pathanamthitta – Dr Bijukumar Damodaran is the convenor, Deputy Director of Homoeopathy Dr MP Beena is the chairperson.

We are very happy to see the State Government Homeopathy Department implementing such useful things. The Government has provided funds to the Mass Media Cells at the state and district levels for the projects of the Department of Homeopathy and the promotion of homoeopathy.

There is no doubt that homoeopathy will reach more people through this very creative activity. Heartfelt congratulations to the Director of Homeopathy, Deputy Director and staff of other departments !!

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