MCI directs equal salary to private medical college teachers also

The MCI Board of Governors considered their observations regarding payment of salary by Private Medical Colleges/Institutions to their faculty members and recalled that in some of the institutions it was noted that the Assistant Professor and/ or Associate Professor were paid more salary than Professor.

 In some of the cases the salary paid to faculty members was not as per the salary paid by the respective State Government. Due to which it was difficult to the Board of Governors to consider the faculty members with super-speciality qualifications  as regular faculty of such college/ institution.

After detailed deliberation on this issue the Board of Governors decided that in Teachers Eligibility Qualification Regulations, the following may be added to:

All private medical colleges/institutions are required to pay salary to teachers working in various departments atleast equal to the salary paidby the respective State Government where college is located. However, the management of private medical colleges/institutions is free to pay salaryhigher than paid by the State Government where college(s)/institution(s) is located.” [Source]

Let us hope – our council – Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) also takes necessary steps for an affordable salary to Private Homoeopathy Medical Colleges across the country.

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